Her Son Wants to Bring His Stepbrother on a Father-Son Camping Trip With His Dad, but His Dad Is Refusing. He Says It’s Their Bonding Time

A woman took to Reddit to find out if she was in the wrong for asking her ex-husband if their son could bring his stepbrother on their father-son camping trip. Her husband was furious, but Reddit was split! Read on to find out more.

She Tried to Remain Civil With Her Ex-Husband

The original poster (OP) never thought she would get divorced. But when it happened, she was determined to make it work for the sake of her son. And so she tried her best to make sure that he still had a good relationship with his father. 

But it wasn’t easy. Her ex-husband was often unreliable and would cancel on their son at the last minute, making excuses about work or other obligations. The twice-monthly weekends they had originally agreed on had dwindled down to just a few times a year.

He Was Unreliable

It was hard for OP to watch her son go through this, but what made it easier was the fact that he had a new family to turn to. OP had started dating her current husband when her son was eight years old. 

Her husband had two children of his own, a son and a daughter, who were around the same age as her son. When the four of them met for the first time, OP’s son and her husband’s son hit it off immediately. They bonded over a shared love of video games and have been inseparable ever since.

OP’s stepson had lost his mother a few years ago, and OP’s husband had been reticent to introduce the two families so soon after her passing. 

They Were Meant to Be Brothers

But when they did finally come together, it was like the two boys were meant to be brothers. They had formed a deep bond that went beyond blood relation, and they often referred to each other as “brother” instead of “stepbrother.”

The two families first went on a trip together to visit the stepson’s mother at the cemetery on her birthday. OP’s son got invited and spent the car ride listening to his stepbrother talk about his mother. 

OP had been worried that it might be too much for her son to handle, but it turned out to be therapeutic for both boys. Later that night, OP had found them asleep in the same bed, curled up together. Moments like these made OP grateful for the new family she had gained.

He Wants to Bring His Stepbrother Camping With His Dad

But now, OP’s son had asked if his stepbrother could come along on a camping trip with his father. OP’s ex-husband was planning on taking their son to the Poconos in a few weeks, the weekend after Father’s Day weekend. 

OP’s son loved camping and even convinced his stepbrother to join the Boy Scouts in the fall. It seemed only natural that they should go on this trip together.

However, when OP asked her ex-husband if their son could bring his stepbrother along, he got upset. He didn’t want someone else’s kid on their camping trip. He said it was supposed to be a bonding experience for just the two of them. 

But OP didn’t see it that way. Her ex-husband had previously blown off so many opportunities to bond with their son. She felt like he had no right to be upset about this.

It Was Their Bonding Time

Her ex-husband’s mother had even called OP to complain, saying that she needed to look at it from his perspective. After all, he only got to see their son a few times a year. But OP didn’t want to hear it. She was tired of always having to make excuses for her ex-husband’s behavior.

The whole situation had put OP in a difficult position. Her husband thought she should let it be just the two of them, but she didn’t want to let her son down. She didn’t want him to feel like his stepbrother wasn’t welcome in their family. And she didn’t want her ex-husband to think he could just show up and expect everything to be as it was before.

What Redditors Said

Seeking advice on Reddit, OP received mixed responses. Some Redditors believe that the ex-husband is one at fault, as he has not been a reliable and present father to their son. Others think that OP should respect the ex-husband’s wishes, as it is his time with his son, and he has the right to decide who accompanies them on their camping trip.

OP is in a difficult situation. On the one hand, she wants to support her son’s desire to include his stepbrother on their camping trip. 

On the other hand, she understands her ex-husband’s perspective that he wants to have one-on-one bonding time with their son. It’s a tough position to be in, but ultimately her ex-husband has the right to say no, regardless of how close his son and stepbrother are.

Perhaps her ex-husband should be having this conversation with his son, though. What do you think?

This situation highlights the difficulties many divorced parents face and the repercussions they can have on their kids.

It’s a challenging situation with no clear-cut answer – what do you think she should do?

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