Her Sister Stole From Her, Now She Wants to Be Paid Back. Is She Asking For Too Much?

She recently asked on a Reddit subthread if she was being unreasonable for wanting to ask her 10-year-old sister to pay her back a few hundred dollars.

A Shared Bathroom

The Original Poster (OP), a 24-year-old female, decided to move back in with her parents to complete trade school. During her stay, she shared a Jack and Jill bathroom with her 10-year-old sister.

However, she noticed slime and spilled wax all over the countertops and light switches on her side of the bathroom. To remedy the situation, OP had a conversation with her parents to discuss ways to keep her little sister out of her side of the bathroom.

Missing Makeup

OP was supposed to go on a date two weeks ago but was unable to find any of her makeup. She asked her little sister if she had taken it out of her bathroom, and her sister responded “I didn’t even know you wore makeup.”

Believing her sister’s response, OP was frustrated because she had lost her expensive makeup during the move. Since she couldn’t find the missing items, she had to replace them. However, she could only replace the concealer/foundation for $100 and couldn’t afford to replace her entire set.

The Makeup Was Back

OP woke up one morning to discover her old concealer/foundation sitting on top of the new ones she had recently purchased.

She asked her mother if she had found it somewhere, but her mother denied ever touching it.

Upon inspection, it was evident that the bottle had leaked or spilled because the makeup was smeared all over the outside, and it was significantly more empty than when she had last used it.

OP’s mother quickly suspected OP’s little sister and decided to investigate by searching through her room.

They Found Her Stash

As OP attempted to intervene, her mother began to search her little sister’s room. After a few moments, her mother emptied out a drawer containing not only OP’s missing makeup but several of her mother’s missing makeup items.

It became apparent that OP’s sister had taken two of her makeup palettes, one of which was still unopened, and brushes, lipstick, eyeliner, and other cosmetic products.

In addition to the makeup, her mother also discovered open containers of slime and paint that had spilled into the carpet and other stolen items from around the house.

Everything Was Damaged

After discovering the stolen makeup, they realized all the items OP’s little sister had taken, including those belonging to her mother, were damaged beyond repair.

The pallets were mixed together and cracked, brushes had paint residue, lipsticks were mashed, and everything was covered in slime. When confronted, the little sister denied any wrongdoing, claiming that she hadn’t used any makeup, which was an obvious lie.

OP’s parents have grounded OP’s little sister for a month, with no phone or electronics as punishment for stealing and destroying nearly $200 worth of makeup.

Holding Her Sister Responsible

Although her parents have offered to pay her back, OP doesn’t want them to do so. Instead, she believes that her sister should be responsible for repaying her.

OP found this whole situation concerning, especially since she has only been living with her parents for three weeks.

As her sister’s 11th birthday approaches, OP wonders if asking her to use her birthday money to repay her debt would be reasonable.

She’s concerned that taking her sister’s birthday money might be too harsh, especially since it’s her only discretionary spending all year. 

Although OP’s parents have suggested chores as an alternative, she doubts that her sister could perform enough tasks to repay her. OP feels that she already does more household chores than her sister and even pays rent.

OP’s parents have now expressed their willingness to have her little sister use her birthday money to repay her for the stolen makeup.

OP Can Decide

They are now leaving the final decision up to OP. OP’s grandparents typically give her little sister a $200 check as a birthday gift and other items such as toys or art supplies, which can be used as extra spending money throughout the year.

Some Reddit users suggest that it’s not up to OP to decide whether her sister should use her birthday money to repay the stolen makeup, as it’s the parents’ responsibility to manage their child’s behavior and make appropriate consequences.

Teaching Her a Lesson

Some users argue that taking her sister’s birthday money would be too harsh, while others believe that it would teach her a valuable lesson.

Some users suggest that her sister may need therapy or support, while others suggest that stealing and lying is a common phase that kids go through and that reasonable consequences and maturity may be enough.

Overall, while some users feel that OP has a right to be upset, many agree that she is not the parent and should not make unilateral decisions about her sister’s punishment.

It is up to the parents to decide how to discipline and manage their child’s behavior, including whether or not to use her birthday money to repay the stolen makeup.

What do you think? What should OP do about this situation?

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