Her SIL Isn’t Happy She Has Chosen Her Pets Over Her “Rainbow Babies” to Be the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer at Her Wedding

This bride-to-be wants her cat and dog to be the flower girl and ring bearer at her wedding instead of her niece and nephew. But now she is worried about potentially offending her family and going against tradition. Here’s the full story.

Rainbow Babies

The Original Poster (OP) shared her brother and sister-in-law’s painful journey of experiencing multiple miscarriages before finally conceiving their twins, Ava and Liam, through IVF.

As a result, OP’s entire family, especially her sister-in-law, made a huge deal out of the twins. They refer to them as “rainbow babies.” They lavish them with love and attention to the point where the other grandkids were almost completely forgotten.

As OP resides across the country with her fiancé, she hasn’t really been as involved with this.

Her Upcoming Wedding

OP is currently planning her wedding, and as a result, she has recently started discussing the topic of the flower girl and ring bearer with her fiancé.

OP says that she shares a deep emotional connection with her pets, a dog named Mika and a cat named Tibby.

She described how Mika and Tibby provided comfort and companionship during her darkest moments, acting as sources of support during personal challenges. When OP’s fiancé was undergoing chemotherapy, and she had to work double shifts to provide, they kept him company.

Her Pets Are Her Family

The pets are considered cherished members of the family, so OP mentioned having them as the flower girl and ring bearer. They want to do it since OP’s fiancé also thought it was a great idea.

However, things turned ugly when OP brought it up at a family gathering, and her sister-in-law pulled her aside and questioned why she gave her animals “Ava and Liam’s roles.”

She clarified to OP that Ava and Liam should be the flower girl and ring bearer since they were “her miracle rainbow babies.”

She said that having the twins at the wedding would be “good for the family” and that having animals is “against tradition.”

Why Go Against Tradition?

She urged OP to change her mind and told her how cute it would be by showing a picture of Ava wearing a flower girl dress.

OP informed her that she would never decide without consulting her fiancé and then quickly shifted the subject.

Later, when OP brought it up with her fiancé, he said that while he would be happy with Ava and Liam playing the roles, their pets would be preferred.

OP also agreed that she would favor their pets. But now OP thinks that having their pets at the wedding might be offensive to her family or go against traditions.

OP took to Reddit to ask if she would be wrong for doing that, and thousands of comments poured in supporting OP’s decision.

It’s Your Day!

One Reddit user wrote, “I question your cat following the plan. It’s your day to do as you wish. Make it a day to remember. Don’t let people second guess you.”

Another Redditor pointed out that though OP is not wrong, she should consider whether her pets are going to enjoy that experience or if it will be stressful and annoying to them.

A third Reddit user commented, “Your SIL is trying to make her children the center of attention on your wedding day. You and your fiancé get to choose who part of the wedding party is, and you both would prefer your pets due to all the happiness and positivity they’ve brought into both of your lives. Bear in mind that your SIL will kick up a fuss and will most likely drag your family into it. Hold firm. This wedding is about you, not her miracle babies.”

So what do you think? What would you do if you were in this situation?

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