This Tiktoker Surprises His Favorite Teacher 21 Years Later to Say Thank You

His teacher left a lasting impression on him, so he came back 21 years later to say thank you. Find out how their heartwarming reunion played out.

His Teacher Played a Pivotal Role During His 21-Year Prison Sentence

Teachers hold a special place in our lives, imparting invaluable knowledge and leaving lasting impressions. For Michael Lacey, this sentiment resonates deeply, as his teacher, Ms. Rice, played a pivotal role during his 21-year prison sentence. 

In a heartwarming reunion captured on TikTok, Lacey surprised his beloved teacher, sharing a touching moment that touched the hearts of viewers worldwide.

The emotional video begins with Lacey explaining how his encounter with Ms. Rice came to fruition. He recounts running into his teacher’s roommate during a photography gig, leading them to devise a plan to surprise her. 

“She Is the Bomb”

The scene shifts to Lacey walking towards his teacher’s house, expressing his admiration: “I just got to my favorite teacher’s house when I was doing my 21 years of prison. She is the bomb. She doesn’t know I’m coming. Let’s go surprise her.”

As Lacey approaches the door, Ms. Rice opens it and instantly recognizes her former student, exclaiming, “Mr. Lacey? Oh my God!” Overwhelmed with joy, she pulls him into a tight hug, clearly shocked and elated to reunite with her student after so many years. The emotions flow as Ms. Rice asks him, “How are you doing?” before warmly inviting him inside.

She Helped More Than 300 Inmates Get Their GED

Accompanied by on-screen text, the video shares the impact Ms. Rice had on Lacey’s life: “Seen her help more than 300 inmates get their GED. She never judged any of us. She was a shining light in that dark place.” 

Recidivism rates among released prisoners are alarmingly high, with 67.8% rearrested within 3 years and 76.6% within 5 years, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics

However, prison education programs offer a promising solution, reducing recidivism by 43%. The impact increases with higher degrees: 14% for associate degrees, 5.6% for bachelor’s degrees, and 0% for master’s degree recipients.

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

The heartfelt reunion deeply moved TikTok users. One viewer commented, “This makes my heart so happy,” while another expressed, “I’m not crying, you’re crying. So sweet.” 

A third individual recognized the teacher’s remarkable commitment, stating, “No one has mentioned how incredible it is [that] she uses her talents to help so many people. Such a lovely video.”

This heartwarming TikTok reunion reminds us of the profound impact teachers have on their student’s lives, even during the most challenging circumstances. Ms. Rice’s unwavering support and dedication to helping incarcerated individuals achieve their GEDs embody the transformative power of education and human connection.

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