She Had the Chance to Get Revenge on Her High School Bully, so She Took It. Now Her Other Victims Are Coming Forward!

She was bullied throughout high school, but when she found her bully years later, she couldn’t resist getting some revenge. It was petty revenge but had a domino effect that affected her business!

She Was Bullied in High School

It’s been years since the original poster (OP) last saw Laura, but the memories of the bullying she endured in secondary school still haunt her to this day. She remembers the snide remarks, the cruel jokes, and the relentless teasing that made her feel like she was the outcast of the school. Despite this, OP tried her best to ignore Laura and her friends and focus on her studies, but it was easier said than done.

The bullying got so bad that OP eventually suffered a nervous breakdown and was forced to leave that school. She was relieved to leave that toxic environment behind and start fresh at a new school, but the scars of the bullying remained.

She Moved On

Years passed, and OP moved away from the area where the school was. She had gone on to build a successful career and was now living her best life. One day, while scrolling through her social media, an ad for a beauty salon caught her attention. The salon was having a sale on nail treatments, and OP was in need of a little pampering.

But then she saw Laura’s face on the front sign of the salon, and all the bad memories came rushing back.

OP decided to get some petty revenge on Laura without a second thought. She created a fake email with the name Sarah and left a scathing review of the salon, saying that the nails were awful and that Laura was unprofessional. 

She Unveiled Her Revenge Plan

It felt good to finally get some revenge on her old bully, even if it was just a small act of vengeance. She knew it was petty, but she didn’t care – she was young and had suffered terribly because of Laura.

But things quickly spiraled out of control when a few days later, a post from someone called Sarah appeared on the local Facebook page. It turned out that Sarah was an ex-employee of Laura’s who she had not treated well, and Laura had accused her of leaving the review that OP had actually written!

She did not take well to the accusation and finally reached her tipping point, as her post was a laundry list of all of Laura’s wrongdoings, including the abuse she had received while working under her, the lack of training and insurance the salon had, and the fact that Laura didn’t pay the staff properly!

The Truth Was Revealed

OP’s eyes widened as she read the post, realizing she had inadvertently sparked a chain reaction that exposed all of Laura’s dirty secrets. It must have taken a lot of courage for Sarah to speak out, and she felt terrible for accidentally naming her and also for what she’d gone through with Laura. 

But at the same time, OP couldn’t help feeling a sense of satisfaction that Laura was finally getting what she deserved!

The comments on the Facebook post quickly turned into a story session, with many people sharing their own experiences of being mistreated by Laura over the years. Some people said that they had received good beauty treatments at the salon, but the overwhelming majority of the comments were negative.

She Was Paying For Her Behavior

Eventually, the admin of the group removed the post, but by then, a lot of people had seen it, and the damage had been done. Laura’s social media profiles became private, and she never publicly addressed any of the accusations against her. 

OP knows that Laura’s business hasn’t closed, but it now has a negative reputation among community members. If anyone asked the locals for a good place to go, they tended to point them in the direction of the beauty salon in the next village over.

It wasn’t the big revenge that she had always dreamed of, but it was a small victory nonetheless. She felt like she had finally gotten some closure on the bullying she had endured in school, which felt good. 

The experience taught her that sometimes, the little things can make the biggest impact, and she was glad that she had taken the opportunity to make her feelings known.

Redditors loved her story. One user said, “Interesting how it seems Laura never outgrew being a bully, and now it’s finally coming back to bite her in the butt, one honest review from her former employees at a time! I approve of this level of pettiness.”

Have you ever partaken in a small act of revenge like this woman? How did it go?

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