She Was Fined $4000 by Greek life Sorority for Attending to Her Father Having Cancer Surgery

After its premiere on Max, viewers were granted an unprecedented glimpse into the inner workings of the sorority rush process at the University of Alabama. The documentary unveiled a range of concerning issues that had long remained hidden from the public eye.

Sorority Ordeals

Prompted by the revelations in the documentary, more and more women have stepped forward to share their own experiences with Greek Life Sorority.

Among them is TikTok creator @itskateellis (Katherine Ellis), who bravely recounted her sorority ordeal that involved a staggering $4,000 fine during a difficult time in her life.

In her viral video, Katherine candidly exposed the ruthless nature of the rush process at the University of Alabama. She detailed how her sorority imposed a hefty fine on her when she left town to be with her father during an emergency surgery following his cancer diagnosis.

Overwhelming Preparation for Rush Week

Setting the stage, Katherine explained the extensive preparation required for sorority rush week, which spans several months and demands everything from letters of recommendation to photos, all while maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Despite feeling overwhelmed by the process, Katherine decided to proceed with rush week and spent her first semester in a sorority at the university.

Initially, everything seemed fine and dandy. However, her experience took a dark turn during Homecoming week.


Katherine revealed that sororities enforced a grueling schedule, with members compelled to spend eight hours a day at the house engaged in a labor-intensive task called “pomping.”

“Pomping,” she explained, involved meticulously crafting tiny tissue paper balls and gluing thousands of them to create elaborate murals and portraits. As Katherine showcased massive pomping murals in the background, she disclosed the harsh reality of the process.

During those eight-hour shifts, the sorority would confiscate everyone’s phones and Bama ID cards, effectively preventing them from leaving.

The situation took an even more distressing turn.

Shocking News

According to Katherine, anyone caught not actively pomping would have to repeat the entire hour, and members were slapped with a $100 fine for each missed hour.

In the midst of this demanding period, Katherine received heartbreaking news: Her father, residing across the country, had been diagnosed with cancer and required immediate surgery.

Naturally, she made the difficult decision to fly home to support him during this critical time. However, upon her return, she was met with an outrageous response from her sorority—a staggering $4,000 fine for missing a week of pomping.

Exorbitant Fines

The exorbitant penalty imposed by her sorority led Katherine to make the difficult choice of dropping out. Yet, she didn’t stop there. She bravely highlighted other questionable aspects of Greek Life at the University of Alabama.

According to Katherine, most sorority houses required potential new members (PNMs) to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to proceed to the next round of rush. However, she shared an astonishing anecdote about a friend who had a 1.6 GPA in high school. Surprisingly, the top sorority informed her friend not to participate in rush at all.

Absolutely Absurd

Instead, they suggested that she should simply show up on bid day, pretending to have gone through the rigorous Bama rush week, and they would grant her a bid.

Katherine humorously remarked, “Sisterhood! Am I right?” in the caption, highlighting the absurdity of the situation.

Call for Action

With the documentary and the subsequent flood of personal narratives, pressure is mounting on the University of Alabama and other institutions to reevaluate their Greek life policies.

Calls for reform and accountability echo across social media platforms, urging universities to prioritize the well-being of their students above all else. As the public becomes increasingly aware of the troubling realities within the sorority rush process, the hope for change grows stronger.

It is a pivotal moment for the Greek system to reflect, listen to the voices of those affected, and take concrete steps towards creating a more inclusive, supportive, and fair environment for all. Only through sincere efforts to address these issues can the Greek community regain the trust and respect it needs to thrive in the future.

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