She Was Suspended for Disagreeing With Renaming Juneteenth Day “Diversity Day” and Escorted Out of School

In a shocking turn of events, a student finds herself suspended and facing the threat of arrest after bravely sharing the true meaning of Juneteenth with her school’s director. Following President Biden’s declaration of Juneteenth as a federal holiday on June 17, 2021, tensions have arisen across the nation as the holiday’s significance becomes a subject of controversy and discovery for many.

“Diverse Holiday”

Taking to TikTok, user @geaux_kay recounts the harrowing experience she endured while pursuing her esthetician studies at her school. In June 2023, Kay finds herself entangled in academic and legal troubles due to her resistance against a particular approach to celebrating Juneteenth within the institution.

During a routine morning meeting, the school’s director suggests referring to Juneteenth as a “diverse holiday,” seemingly diminishing its historical and cultural significance. 

The True Meaning

This immediately frustrates Kay, who strongly disagrees with the director’s attempt to erase the true meaning of the holiday. Determined to shed light on the subject, Kay privately confronts the director, aiming to enlighten her about Juneteenth’s historical context.

However, the director’s reaction is far from receptive. Shortly after their discussion, the director abruptly enters Kay’s classroom, instructing her to accompany her. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Kay understands that she is being sent home. 

Suspended and Manhandled

To her astonishment, the director not only suspends her but also threatens to involve the police if Kay refuses to comply. The tension escalates as Kay finds herself embroiled in a public argument with the director in front of her classmates, enduring humiliation as the suspension is announced.

Kay further alleges that the altercation turned physical when she attempted to explain her absence to her professor. In a distressing turn of events, the director reportedly grabs Kay’s backpack and forcefully insists that she leave the building. 

Labeled a Racist

Adding to the ordeal, Kay claims that the director proceeds to label her as a “racist” to the clients visiting the esthetician school, ultimately making good on her threat by contacting the police. These unwarranted accusations force Kay to vacate the premises.

Sharing her story on TikTok, Kay raises an important issue, asserting that students of color face obstacles in expressing their emotions without directors perceiving it as an attack. Frustrated by the unjust treatment she endured, she emphasizes the tendency to interpret every expression from black individuals as a confrontation. 

Done Out of Spite

Her TikTok post garners overwhelming support, with over 10,000 comments affirming her actions. Many users share similar experiences and offer advice on pursuing legal action.

Not everyone agrees with Kay’s perspective. In response to her TikTok, another user named @moetheedon accuses Kay of posting about Juneteenth out of spite for being dismissed from class. 

@moetheedon further alleges that Kay intended to make the Juneteenth celebration exclusive to Black individuals, an assertion that Kay vehemently denies. The ensuing backlash from users in response to @moetheedon’s video showcases the complexity of opinions surrounding the incident.

Legal Action

In her most recent video addressing the incident, Kay resolves to take legal action against the director, asserting her determination to seek justice for the unjust treatment she endured.

This troubling account serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggles for racial understanding and inclusivity, even in educational institutions, as clashes emerge regarding the appropriate recognition and celebration of Juneteenth. 

The incident sparks an intense debate, questioning the responsibility of institutions to respect the historical significance of Juneteenth and create inclusive spaces for meaningful conversations and observances.

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