She Abandoned Her Friends at the Bar After They Said Things That Were Out of Line, but She She Was the Designated Driver

In a recent Reddit post, this young woman asked whether she was in the wrong for leaving her friends at a bar after one of them made hurtful and personal remarks. 

A Night Out

The Original Poster (OP) is a 25-year-old who recently went on a one-night out with her friends aged 22, 24, and 25.

On the night in question, OP wasn’t in the mood to drink or, at the very least, get wasted, so she offered to be the designated driver.

OP mentioned that the 22-year-old and the 24-year-old are her friends, but she doesn’t know much about the third guy who is dating her 24-year-old friend.

Newly Single

The 25-year-old, who we’ll call Greg, is an acquaintance but not someone OP had the chance to get close to, and given what he did, OP highly doubts the opportunity will ever present itself.

OP mentioned that a month ago, she had ended a committed relationship. The relational dynamic didn’t work, and OP broke it off.

OP doesn’t like to talk about the relationship much and has only talked about it with her friends.

However, it turned out that her friend had told Greg about the relationship and the breakup.

He Started Running His Mouth

The story began when Greg’s mouth started to become a little loose after six shots and several gins and tonics.

He went on to “psychoanalyze” OP’s split and claimed that OP was ultimately to blame for being the unworthy partner for her ex because “girls without dads never know how to treat a man right.”

OP was taken aback hearing this and was angry at her friend for talking about her relationship with Greg.

Then Greg started to make fun of OP’s attitude, appearance, and job, saying that OP was to blame for everything since OP put her profession before her ex’s wants.

He Was Provoking Her

The other two attempted to silence him, but it was no use. Greg continued to yell and poke OP.

OP was hurt and furious but decided not to say anything to escalate the situation.

She thought the situation would cool down, but it kept getting worse. So she stood up and headed straight out the door since she didn’t want to hear him rant any longer.

Her 24-year-old friend ran after her and justified Greg’s behavior by stating he was intoxicated and didn’t mean what he said. But OP was angry and left without hearing her friend’s justifications.

She Left Them Stranded at the Bar

She left her friends at the bar and headed home.

The following day OP awoke to a barrage of offensive texts from her friends because she had deserted them. The texts said that Greg didn’t mean what he said and doesn’t even remember saying those things.

OP felt bad about what she did and took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong for abandoning her friends at the bar.

Hundreds of comments poured in supporting OP.

One Reddit user wrote, “A designated driver is there to save everyone an expensive taxi ride home, not to police behavior and stop people getting into trouble. That’s a parent. You don’t have to stay in a room where people are abusing you, and the fact that none of your “friends” defended you makes me question whether they really are your friends or whether you should be looking for new ones.”

Another Redditor pointed out that OP’s “actual friends” are defending someone who mocked her and blamed her entirely for the breakup and it is distressing. The comment read, “Drunk people have low inhibitions. Maybe he didn’t mean to say it, but he meant what he said. And that “girls without fathers” line is one of the most disgustingly misogynistic things I’ve ever read.”

So what is your view? Do you think OP did the right thing, or was she being dramatic?

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