She Was Too Good at Her Job and Her Boss Had to Tell Her to Pump the Breaks, Contrary to Her Prior Instructions

She was a productive worker and enjoyed reading during her downtime. But her boss told her she wasn’t allowed to read on company time. However, she got the upper hand, and now her boss is eating their words! It’s an entertaining read!

A Short-Term Job

The Original Poster (OP), a female worker, works at a medical placement company in the employee health department of a rack and pinion steering plant. While the company had scheduled the plant to close down, they were still hiring new employees, and OP was brought on as a contractor to help with drug screens and other medical tasks. But the real challenge comes with a daunting project called “THE PROJECT.”

“The Project”

THE PROJECT is a chaotic collection of every medical paper in the entire plant, scattered in boxes and stacked to the ceiling with no semblance of order. The company enlisted OP to help, but her attempt to organize the mess with an Excel spreadsheet named “Apricot” ended up in a disaster, and they quickly sent her back to her post!

On days when they were slow and OP had finished all her jobs, she would stay at her post and read. But on one of these days, the boss lady, who has already reprimanded the OP for sweeping up during slow times (as the janitors were the only people allowed to use the brooms), took issue with her hobby.

“I’d really rather you not do that. I need you to do WORK. It looks bad,” scolds the boss lady.

What Else Can She Do?

OP, eager to be helpful, asks what else they need to do. But after a thorough inspection of the well-stocked workplace, the boss lady admits there is nothing else to do now. Frustrated, OP had no choice but to sit idly, which is not her forte.

Fast forward, the boss lady falls sick, and a temporary boss takes over. OP is assigned THE PROJECT, and she takes it as a challenge. She starts by sorting the papers into folders by name, then organizes them by dates in each file, and finally alphabetizes the folders and puts them in boxes. In just a few weeks, OP managed to complete a task that had taken the other two nurses months to finish.

She Wrapped up The Project

But the real feat comes with the data entry part of the project.  OP creates a new Excel spreadsheet and diligently enters the names, dates of birth, and first and last dates listed from the papers. She is a fast typist and makes incredible progress, going through 20-30 boxes a day with only brief breaks for lunch and bathroom visits. She is determined and focused, and the results are impressive.

When the boss lady returns from her sick leave and sees the progress, she is shocked. She goes pale and demands an explanation from OP.

“What happened?!?” exclaims the boss lady.

“Nothing, I’ve been working super hard. Is it not done right?” responds OP innocently.

“It’s great, but it’s GONE!” the boss lady stammers.

Confused, OP asks if there is an issue with her work. But the boss lady reveals her true concern.

“Yes, ma’am, I’ve made decent progress,” OP replies.

The boss lady hesitates and then mutters, “I need you to slow down.”

“Sorry?” OP is baffled.

“I need you to slow down. We told them we needed at least X amount of time to complete that project, and as fast as you’ve gone, there won’t be any work left to do,” explains the boss lady.

She Has to Slow Down

OP can’t believe her ears. She has been working diligently to complete the task efficiently, but now she is being told to slow down. The boss lady suggests she bring books or take naps to kill time.

“So, what else can I do?” asks OP, trying to be compliant.

“Do a box, read a book. Do a box, take a nap. Just. Slow. Down. Bring your book or several books. Just slow down,” instructs the boss lady.

And just like that, OP is given permission to read during her downtime at work! The turn of events amuses her, and while it may not be the most exciting malicious compliance story out there, it’s one that still makes her laugh after 15 years. 

Don’t Work Too Hard

She showed the boss lady that she could not only complete THE PROJECT in record time but also she could do it better than the other nurses. And in the end, she got permission to do something that she enjoyed during her downtime at work. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Reddit users enjoyed her tale. One user said, “I love that in this one, it wasn’t even malicious; you just really liked doing it and were proficient at that. Good for you.”

What do you think of her story? Have you ever had a job where you were allowed to read on work time?

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