It Turns Out She Wasn’t Infertile So How Did Her Ex Get the Woman He Had an Affair With Pregnant?

A young woman unexpectedly found herself pregnant after she believed she was infertile. But her pregnancy would also reveal a secret about her ex-husband. This is the full story.

She Had a Miracle Baby

The Original Poster (OP) is a 28-year-old woman who recently had a baby with her boyfriend. That was something of a surprise since she had been with her ex-husband for six years, and they tried unsuccessfully to have a baby.

The new baby was shocked by a family scandal that ended her first marriage and sent OP in a downward spiral.

After four years of marriage, her ex-husband had an affair with a coworker. He told his wife right away and said it had only happened because he was so stressed at work.

Her Ex-husband Had an Affair

She then discovered that her husband’s mistress was pregnant.

OP was devastated, and she felt alone and scared. But her husband said he wanted to stay with her, so she forgave him.

But the mistress wanted to keep the baby, so she did. OP’s husband decided he needed to be a good father to the little girl, so he spent a lot of time with her and the co-worker.

He also brought the baby into his extended family, including his own parents and siblings. They all took to the little girl and loved her dearly.

His Family Accepted the Girl

The new baby became a focal point of every family gathering, from holidays and birthdays to cookouts and ball games. OP didn’t have anything against the little girl herself, but the situation had another big problem.

The little girl’s mother, the husband’s former mistress, also tagged along to all the events. OP was pretty sure the woman still had feelings for her husband.

OP was stuck spending Christmas, the 4th of July, birthdays, and other special occasions with the woman who had tried to break up her marriage. The family even wanted the mistress in their group photos since she was the little girl’s mother.

They Both Became Part of the Family

The last straw came when her in-laws started asking her to take pictures of the family that included the mistress but excluded OP.

OP filed for divorce and tried to move on with her life.

Fast forward to today, and OP has landed on her feet. She got a promotion at work, which led to her meeting a wonderful new man. 

She Was Pregnant!

They got serious fast and pregnant almost as fast. It was an amazing experience for OP, who thought she couldn’t have babies at all.

After all, she had spent six years with her husband with no children, but he had gotten his mistress pregnant right away.

When OP’s daughter was born, her boyfriend posted a picture on Facebook. OP’s ex-sister-in-law saw the post, and things got messy.

First, the ex-SIL was upset that OP hadn’t told her about the baby since they had remained friendly.

Things Got Messy

More importantly, once the SIL told her family the news, it didn’t take them long to figure out what that might mean for them.

OP’s ex-husband took a paternity test, and the mistress’s little girl was NOT his daughter. It turns out the mistress had been dating a bad character when she slept with OP’s ex and decided to choose the best dad for her baby.

Now OP feels guilty for not telling her ex about her pregnancy earlier and feels terrible for the little girl who has lost most of the only family she’s ever known.

Most Redditors support OP fully and say she doesn’t owe her ex or his family anything after how they treated her.

Some do wonder why she and the ex didn’t push for a paternity test in the first place, though. That would have potentially saved years of heartache, though he would still have been a cheater.

What do you think of this story? Is there any reason for OP to feel guilty, or should she just move on?

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