She Couldn’t Find a Mutual Interest With Her Husband, so She Went Out on Her Own. Now He’s Sulking About It and Has Involved Their Parents!

A frustrated wife recently wrote in a Reddit subthread about her fight with her husband. He was upset that she had made plans without him, even though he said he didn’t want to go.

They Don’t Share Common Interest

The Original Poster (OP) has been married to her husband for five years. During their dating period, they would always go out to the places her husband wanted to go. She never expressed her preferences, as she did not want to trouble him.

However, their interests differ greatly, with her husband enjoying activities such as hiking, biking, and going to the beach, while OP enjoys operas, musicals, and plays. Her husband has expressed that he finds her interests boring.

Recently, he asked for her opinion on what they should do over the weekend as he was keen to go out. OP took the opportunity to suggest attending a piano recital that was taking place that weekend.

Upon hearing OP’s suggestion of attending a piano recital, her husband became upset and expressed his reluctance to sit through “boring” music in a theater for two hours. OP felt hurt by his response and asked him for an alternative suggestion. He proposed visiting a newly opened club, but OP revealed that she had a negative experience at a club in the past and did not feel comfortable going there.

They Couldn’t Find Something to Do Together

OP confronted her husband about his suggestion to visit a club, questioning why he would even consider asking her to go there. He simply replied that he wanted to go somewhere “fun”.

This response left OP feeling irritated and upset with her husband, to the point where she chose to sleep in the guest room rather than sleep next to him.

A couple of days later, OP purchased a ticket to the theater on her own accord.

On the night of the piano recital, while getting dressed, OP’s husband inquired about her destination. She informed him that she would be attending the theater. Her husband became upset and expressed frustration, saying that she was forcing him to sit through something that he didn’t want to do.

She Would Go on Her Own

However, OP clarified that she had not purchased a ticket for him. This revelation stunned him, leading to a major argument between the two. Despite his insistence on going to the club, OP remained firm in her decision to attend the musical.

The performance turned out to be one of the best that she had ever experienced. Upon returning home, she found her phone buzzing with missed calls and messages from her husband.

During the recital, OP turned off her phone. However, upon checking it later, she discovered several messages from her husband, her mother-in-law, and her parents. Her husband accused her of being selfish for leaving, while her mother-in-law expressed that it wasn’t fair for OP to go out while her husband stayed at home alone.

He Involved their Parents

Even her parents agreed with her husband and felt that she shouldn’t have gone out without him. Despite feeling that she had done the right thing by taking time for herself and doing something she enjoyed, the criticism from her loved ones caused her to question her actions. 

OP started to feel like she was in the wrong, even though some of her friends supported her decision not to give in to her husband’s demands.

Several Reddit users have expressed their support for OP’s decision to attend the musical alone, with many labeling her husband’s behavior as controlling and toxic. Some users questioned why OP’s husband had to stay home and pout instead of finding something else to do. Others suggested that married couples are entitled to their own hobbies and interests and that there is no need to like everything that one’s partner likes.

While some users were sympathetic towards OP’s husband, most supported OP’s decision to pursue her own interests. They commended her for standing up for herself and encouraged her to continue doing things she enjoys. Several users also noted that her husband’s behavior, including enlisting family members to pressure her, was concerning and could indicate deeper issues in their marriage.

What do you think? Do you support OP in her decision?

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