Church-Going Dad Condemns His Ex-Wife for Wanting to Take Their 2-Year-Old to “Evil and Perverse” Pride Event

In a recent Reddit post, a user found herself at odds with her ex-husband regarding their 2-year-old son’s participation in the Pride parade. Here’s the full story.

Opposite Ideologies

Anna and her husband aged 23 were separated in March of last year due to their strikingly opposite ideologies.

While she identified as agnostic, leaning left politically, and pansexual, he held firm conservative, right-wing Christian beliefs.

The couple’s contrasting perspectives on life, politics, and sexuality consistently fueled disagreements and tension leading to divorce.

Trauma Within the Religious Community

Anna’s journey has been deeply influenced by her experience of sexual trauma within a religious community.

This traumatic event left lasting emotional scars and made it difficult for her to engage with organized religion.

The mere thought of entering a church triggered panic or anxiety attacks.

Despite this, she never sought to prevent her ex-husband from taking their son to church or imposing her own beliefs upon him.

Anna shared an incident where her ex spends his weekends in bar areas of his city with different signs saying “Are you going to heaven or hell” and harasses drunk people as they leave and enter bars about their morality.

Pride Is “Perverse”

The story began when Anna felt a strong desire to take her son to the local Pride parade.

Unfortunately, her ex-husband vehemently opposed the idea, citing concerns about exposing their son to what he perceived as “perverse and evil things.”

As a result, Anna told him if that is the case he cannot take her son to church on Sunday.

This disagreement escalated into a heated argument, further straining the couple’s already tumultuous co-parenting relationship.

She firmly believed that if she wanted to share an important aspect of her life with her son, then she should be able to do so, considering her role as the primary caregiver.

Child as a Pawn

Anna felt bad about what happened and she took to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong and asked for some help trying to get her ex to see her side.

Several Redditors sided with Anna and said that she is not wrong in her decision.

One Reddit user wrote, “If you guys can’t come to an agreement and raise your son to respect both sides, this might end up causing him some trouble. You don’t want him growing up to be homophobic and I’m sure your ex doesn’t want him to become anti-religion. So, you need to work together. Discuss a compromise and avoid talking negatively in front of your child about the other person’s beliefs/views.”

Another Reddit user sided with the ex and wrote, “Why take a 2-year-old? Seriously? They don’t understand what is happening, and they are now just a pawn between you and your ex.”

A third Redditor commented, “Not wrong for wanting to take him to pride even though it’s pointless other than to use him as a prop. You are 100% correct that if he can prevent you from taking your child to Pride then your ex shouldn’t take him to church where the real child molesters are.”

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