She Left Her Toxic Partner, but She Didn’t Go Quietly. She Left in a Blaze of Glory!

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship you couldn’t escape? This story follows Mel, the main protagonist, as she finally leaves her abusive husband. Read on to find out how Mel got her petty revenge.

An Abusive Husband

Mel was tired of being stuck in a loveless and abusive marriage with her husband, who was a textbook example of a terrible spouse. He had always been abusive, both physically and emotionally, and had cheated on her multiple times.

But what really broke the camel’s back was when Mel caught him red-handed with another woman in their apartment. She knew she had to leave, but the problem was that she was living in a state far away from her friends and family and had no one to turn to for help. So she waited for the perfect opportunity to arise.

Her Opportunity Came

Finally, that day came, and she broke the news to her husband that she was leaving him. Mel made sure that he had enough time to figure out his next move. She informed him that she had paid the rent for the next month and that the lease was up soon.

It was his responsibility to figure out where he was going to live after that. Some might argue that Mel was too kind to him, but she didn’t want an eviction on her record.

She’d Been Planning for a While

But Mel had failed to tell him that she had switched her paychecks to an account in her name six months earlier. Her husband was so irresponsible that she couldn’t trust him with their joint account and was spending money on unnecessary things, leaving them multiple times short on bills.

Mel knew that she had to protect herself and make sure that she had enough money to get out of the marriage when the opportunity finally presented itself. So, when she finally left him, she left him with no money at all.

Her husband had no job, and he had lost his previous one, his fourth in the three years they had been together. To make matters worse, his permanent resident card had expired, and he didn’t have the ability to get a new job without it.

Mel had been saving up to renew it, but once her husband lost his job, they had to use that money to pay the bills, and it was gone. To sum it up, her husband was left with no money, no job, no ability to get a job, and no car since the car was in Mel’s name, and she was making the payments.

She Left Him With No Money and No Prospects

Mel only took her things and left most of the items they had gotten together, including furniture that belonged to her husband’s mother. Some people might think that she left him in a terrible situation, but Mel knew that her entire marriage was a mess, and he deserved everything he got.

In fact, Mel didn’t stop there. She found a way to get revenge on her husband through their tax return. Since they were still technically married at the end of the year and had lived together long enough, they could still file their taxes jointly. Mel did the math and figured out that if she filed separately, she would owe money, but if she filed jointly, they would actually come out ahead, and she would get $600.

She Offered Him One Last Deal

She offered to split it 50/50 with her husband and asked if he wanted to do it. Mel took care of the filing and got him his half of state and federal.

The federal check came in, and Mel sent her husband his half. But when the state check came in, Mel decided to play a little game with him. She didn’t really need the money, and her husband still didn’t have a car, so she held the check hostage.

Every time he asked about the check, Mel would lie and say she hadn’t received it yet, causing him to grow increasingly desperate. He also expected her to drive 2 hours just to give him the check, as he still didn’t have a car!

She Didn’t Keep Her Word

Finally, when they did meet up to cash the check, Mel gave him less than half because part of it had to go towards his parking ticket fines. Her ex was not happy about it, but Mel didn’t care.

Mel’s actions might seem petty, but after everything she had gone through in her marriage, it’s understandable why she wanted to make her ex’s life a little harder.

She deserved to live her life free from the abuse and manipulation of someone who never truly appreciated her. And in the end, her ex got what he deserved.

But was her revenge too far, or did he deserve it? What do you think?

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