Office Romance: 25 Signs She’s Definitely Flirting With You

Office romances can be tricky, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if a colleague is actually interested in you or just being friendly. However, certain signs can indicate if someone is flirting with you.

From subtle cues to more overt gestures, paying attention to these signals can help you determine if a coworker is interested in more than just a professional relationship. Here are the top 25 signs.

#1. You Suddenly Have a Lot in Common

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From the mere discoveries of interests to the more evident ones, your female colleague at work begins to identify most things you share in common.

#2. You Keep “Bumping Into” Her

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Another way to discover that a particular co-worker is attracted to you is when you start bumping into her. Assuming the first bump is coincidental, you’d realize that the next couple of “bumps” are not a mere coincidence.

#3.  She Glances At You When She Thinks You’re Not Looking

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This is one of the surest ways to know a colleague is interested in you. When she begins to take slight glances at you when you’re attending to something else, she’s thinking about you. 

#4. Being Extra Attentive

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She listens to every bit of information you share with her or in group discussions with other co-workers. Also, she consistently refers to most of them to let you passively know that she’s been attentive to everything about you at work.

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#5. Laughing at Your Jokes

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If your female colleague is attracted to you, she may often laugh at your jokes, even when they’re not funny. This factor is a signal she sends to inform you about how much she enjoys your company.

#6. She Remembers Things You Like

#7. Playing with Her Hair or Clothing

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Swirling her hair backward so you can look at her face, twisting her hair around her fingers, and brushing her hand through it are all signs that she’s flirting with you.

Other times, readjusting her dress and playing with her sleeves mean she squarely wants your attention. 

#8. Asking Personal Questions

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A sign that your co-worker is interested in you is when she’s invested in asking personal questions to know more about you.

She asks questions about your interests, family background, career aspirations, and religion, among many more.

#9. Smiling and Blushing

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If she’s flirting with you, she frequently smiles at you more than she does with others. This factor is evidence that she’s beginning to form a connection with you, and when you comment, she reacts with a blushing expression.

#10. Touching You or Herself

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When a female colleague always finds excuses to touch you, she’s growing fond of you.

If she sometimes touches your shoulder during a conversation, she’s flirting. Other times, she may be the one touching herself, especially the face and arm.

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#11. Holding Prolonged Eye Contact

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Eye contact is a means of speaking without using words, so if she frequently holds prolonged eye contact with you, she’s passing a message.

#12. Leaning in Towards You

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Your colleague leaning in toward you while speaking can signal that she is flirting with you. This element symbolizes that she’s engaged in the conversation.

#13. Being Extra Helpful

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Once you face a challenge at work, she’s willing to help. When the solution is not in her jurisdiction, she renders her best to help.

#14. Mirroring Your Body Language

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When she starts mimicking your body language, she’s interested in you, and before she can ever get comfortable mirroring your character, you must have built a proper rapport.

#15. Being Extra Touchy-feely

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There are instances where co-workers make slight physical contact, but when it becomes a constant for her with you, she is flirting with you. 

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#16. Being Physically Close to You

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If your colleague starts developing an interest in you, she always finds ways to be physically near you during meetings and lunchtime in the cafeteria.

#17. Giving Compliments

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You start getting compliments when she’s interested in you. She gives compliments on almost everything about you, like your appearance, personality, fashion choice, and work delivery. 

#18. Playfully Teasing You

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During flirting, there’s room for playful teasing. If your colleague begins to tease you in a light-mannered way, it indicates that she’s now comfortable around you.

#19. Asking You to Hang Out One-on-One

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A setting for deeper conversations is her next move since the office is not conducive to these topics. When she asks to hang out with you without anyone from work, it means she wants to know you better without distractions.

#20. Offering to Buy You a Drink

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When she offers to buy you a coffee or soda, she wants you to give her your attention, and it could also mean that there’s something about you different from other colleagues.

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#21. She’s Always Available

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When your colleague is always available for you, there’s a high chance that she’s interested in you. Sometimes, she goes as far as staying long hours at work because of you.

#22. She Invites You Over

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One of the best ways to ensure that your co-worker is attracted to you is when she invites you over. She is friendly if she invites everyone from work, but when you’re the only one invited for dinner at her place, there’s something she adores about you.

#23. Being Interested in Your Friends and Family

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When she becomes interested in your dealings, like family relationships and friendships, her interest in you grows. 

#24. Being Curious to Know Your Ambitions

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If she starts asking questions about your vision for the future, she’s presumably attracted to you and wants to be sure of your compatibility.

#25. She Shows A Lot of Interest in Your Life

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Generally, she shows interest in every aspect of your life when she’s attracted to you. She wants to know your next step of action in decision-making. 

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