She’s Pregnant and After Being Taken to the Hospital Her Husband Was Uncontactable. Now She’s Turned the Tables

This Redditor turned to the Reddit community after her husband ignored her when she was taken to the hospital with a medical emergency. She responded with a bit of cold shoulder treatment, ignoring him back. She wanted to know if she was being a jerk for ignoring him.

No Response

The Original Poster (OP), a 24-year-old pregnant woman, was visiting her family in Pennsylvania while her husband (P), also 24, was visiting his family in Florida.

OP had been experiencing cramping, which she initially thought was Braxton Hicks or round ligament pain. However, when the pain worsened and she noticed blood in her urine, she decided to go to the emergency room.

The hospital diagnosed her with a severe UTI that was on the verge of becoming a kidney infection, causing contractions and a fever. While at the hospital, OP tried contacting P multiple times but he did not respond.

He Was Drunk and She Was Just Dramatic

After being discharged, OP called P and found him to be heavily intoxicated. She expressed her anger towards him and said she did not want to speak to him that night. However, P proceeded to message their family’s group chat and a Discord server where OP talks to her online friends because she was not responding to his texts. OP has copies of a few of his messages.

One message, in particular, had a sarcastic tone to it, stating the OP doesn’t allow P to drink. P went on to continue to say he wanted to spend time with his family and have fun while having a few drinks and not worrying about it. He went on to write that OP was mad at him even though he was just trying to enjoy spending time with this family since his dad had passed away recently. 

P lost his father seven months ago. OP states that she was never prohibiting him from drinking, she even encouraged P to go out with his family during his visit to them.

Upon returning home, OP went to call P to mediate the situation and prevent further embarrassment. Instead, his sister answered the phone and criticized OP for not trusting P and being overly sensitive and dramatic due to her pregnancy. After this, P ignored her for the rest of the night. OP wonders if she is the one in the wrong in this situation.

It’s worth noting that P was not intoxicated when she spoke with him on the phone before going to the hospital.

Here’s What Redditors Say

Reddit users were quick to comment on the thread, most of whom are siding with OP and her reason for being upset.

One commented that P attempted to make OP look bad in front of their friends because she set a boundary for communication. The user continued to write that although alcohol can impair judgment, it’s concerning that their immediate reaction was not to give her the space she requested.

The Reddit user stated that the messages sent were also manipulative, avoiding the actual reason for OP’s anger and instead framing her as controlling and unreasonable. This behavior is particularly concerning given that the individual is about to become a father.

Some commenters thought that OP should consider reevaluating her relationship and whether she can rely on her partner when needed, especially now that they are about to have a child together.

They said that regarding the sister’s comments, it’s unfair to ask OP to “let past go” while she is still recovering from a dangerous health incident, especially given the added stress of pregnancy. If the sister were in a similar situation, she would likely expect her partner to be present and supportive.

One user was also surprised by the lack of concern on P’s part due to the recent death in the family. They said, “After my dad died, I was hyper-aware of the possibility that my loved ones could die. Anytime someone I loved was even the least bit sick, I was WORRIED. The fact that this man, who recently lost his dad, was told that his pregnant wife was going to the emergency room with super concerning symptoms, just put his phone aside and never checked for messages just to know his wife and child hadn’t also died? I cannot comprehend it.”

What do you think? Is OP justified in being upset with her husband? What would you have done in this situation?

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