Her Daughter Hugged Her Ex-Stepmom First and Her Mom Is Not Happy…Is She Being Petty?

Graduation is a day filled with emotions, pride, and celebration. However, for Beth, a recent high school graduate’s mother, this joyous occasion turned into a source of frustration and resentment. Here’s what happened.

Feeling Snubbed

Talking to Ayla from Country Mornings with Ayla Brown, Beth shared her disappointment and shared her perspective on the incident.

The story began when Beth’s daughter walked off stage after receiving her diploma and embraced her friend’s mom before hugging her own mother, leaving Beth feeling snubbed and hurt.

This seemingly innocent act triggered a series of emotions.

She revealed that her daughter’s chosen hug recipient was none other than her husband’s ex-wife, adding a layer of complexity to the situation.

Uncomfortable Situation

Beth explained that her husband had married this woman at a young age, and although they were no longer together, she still lived in their neighborhood.

Furthermore, their children shared a friendship, deepening the connections between the two families.

Beth’s feelings about the presence of her husband’s ex-wife in her life and social circle were evident.

She voiced her dislike for the situation and her reluctance to interact with this woman.

The graduation hug incident further amplified these negative sentiments.

Decided Not to Attend the Graduation Party

Beth felt hurt that her daughter prioritized hugging her husband’s ex-wife before her own mother even though her daughter claimed it was merely due to her being near.

Beth admitted that her husband didn’t take her side, which added to her frustration.

With no apparent support from her husband and feeling unheard, Beth decided to avoid the entire situation by not attending her daughter’s graduation party.

Her primary motivation was to steer clear of any interaction with the ex-wife.

Just Petty

Beth admitted that her daughter was hurt by her decision. But Beth herself was also hurt and felt that no one heard her.

Ayla asked listeners whether Beth’s decision was correct and hosted a poll on Twitter.

More than 90 percent of listeners voted that Beth was being petty and should just let it go.

One Twitter user wrote, “By what’s posted the daughter’s age isn’t shown. Children are often more accepting than older ones. Get along. Beth’s daughter probably liked her friend’s mom. Beth’s mom needs individual therapy.”

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