Her Parents Don’t Like Her Fiancé and Won’t Respect the Religious Aspects of Her Wedding Ceremony, so They’re Not Invited

In this Reddit post, this woman is seeking advice on whether or not to invite her parents to her upcoming wedding.

Planning Her Wedding

The Original Poster (OP) is a 23-year-old who recently got engaged to her fiancé. She is planning to have a wedding at the end of the year.

OP mentioned that her fiancé’s family is great and does a lot for her; they are very close. But sadly, since OP started seeing her fiancé, she no longer has a close relationship with her own family.

OP’s parents did not let her start dating until she turned 25.

Her Parents Don’t Like Her Fiancé

As a result, OP’s parents don’t like her fiancé, and they even resisted seeing him.

OP shared an incident from 2021 when her parents refused to see her fiancé stating they didn’t want to get sick from Covid.

However, during that time, they had hosted OP’s sister’s prom at their home and allowed both of OP’s siblings to frequently attend activities and have friends around.

They Don’t Respect Him

Her parents only ever actually met her fiancé once, and they were extremely unkind to him. OP’s dad calls him kid instead of calling him by his name. And as a result, OP and her fiancé had a fight because she was so worried about everything, but they were able to patch things up, and things got better.

However, when she told her parents about the fight, they both urged OP to leave him and move in with them.

Things took a turn when OP told her family that she got engaged.

They were upset that they weren’t informed in advance and shouted at OP for being a bad sister and daughter.

OP says she is terrified that her parents would become angry with her and report her to the police, which is something that has happened four times before.

He Doesn’t Want Them at the Wedding

As a result, OP’s fiancé doesn’t want them in the wedding ceremony. Additionally, OP’s parents don’t like religion, and the ceremony will be a religious service. OP’s fiancé is, however, okay with them attending the reception.

OP wasn’t sure at first, but now that she has been yelled at for getting engaged, she is unsure whether she wants them at the reception either.

They managed to induce OP a panic attack for the first time in months when she had not experienced any anxiety for a long time.

So OP asked Reddit whether she was doing anything wrong.

Her Family Is Toxic

Several Redditors sided with OP and said that she was not wrong, that her family was toxic, and that OP should get away from them.

One Reddit user wrote, “Your parents don’t get to tell you, a grown adult, when you can or cannot date. Your parents are awful, and I don’t blame your SO for not wanting them at the wedding or reception.”

Another Redditor commented, “You don’t owe your parents anything. They’ve treated both you and your fiance terribly, and would be lucky if you invited them.”

A third Reddit user said that OP’s parents need to treat her fiancé with kindness and respect. The comment went on to read, “Nobody wants people like that at their wedding being disrespectful. They don’t approve of the relationship, but they cannot make that choice for you. They need to eventually be more accepting of your choice.”

So what do you think? Did OP do the right thing here?

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