$5000 Reward to Find This Woman a Husband – Wait Until You See Her List of Requirements! Star Wars Geeks Need Not Apply

A woman has become a viral sensation after offering her friends $5,000 to set her up with a man she would marry.

An Unconventional Approach to Marriage

In the vast realm of TikTok, a platform boasting an astonishing user base of over a billion monthly users, viral videos are in no short supply.

These captivating snippets of content have the power to capture our attention, often racking up tens of millions of views and leaving an indelible mark on popular culture. 

Sometimes, these viral phenomena even manage to achieve something wholesome, such as propelling an author to fame and resulting in a surge in book sales.

The latest viral video to captivate the TikTok community features a woman who has taken a rather unconventional approach to finding her life partner. 

A Reward for FInding the One

She has become an overnight sensation after offering her friends a whopping $5,000 if they can successfully set her up with a man who would eventually become her husband.

The TikToker, known by the handle ‘ebtilley,’ duetted a snippet from a podcast conversation between two women discussing their desire to be set up with potential partners. 

In her video, she enthusiastically begins by revealing the origin of her unique wager, which originated as a bet with her boss a couple of years ago.

Over time, she has expanded the circle of participants to include her best friend, her friend’s husband, and a handful of other close acquaintances. 

Fueled by her confidence and the desire to cast a wider net, she now opens the offer to the general public, firmly believing that she will deliver on her promise.

Introduction Leads to Wedding

The terms of the bet are refreshingly straightforward: if someone successfully introduces her to a man who becomes her husband, she will reward them handsomely with a generous sum of $5,000. 

The duration of the marriage holds no significance in this arrangement, as she explicitly states that she has the freedom to dissolve the union after a mere 20 years, should she choose to do so. 

The only criterion is that the introduction should ultimately lead to a walk down the aisle and the exchange of vows.

List of Requirements

In a subsequent video, she graciously shares more specific details about the type of man she envisions as her life partner.

Standing tall at five feet eleven inches, she admits her preference for men who are at least six feet tall, a requirement that may narrow the field of potential candidates. 

Despite being based in Los Angeles, she surprisingly expresses openness to long-distance relationships, provided her prospective partner shares the same inclination. 

As a woman who desires to have children, she firmly emphasizes that her ideal match must also share this desire, although the exact number of offspring is a negotiable aspect. 

However, she places utmost importance on a partner’s possession of wit, sass, and banter, as these qualities are key to capturing her heart. 

No Star Wars Persuasion

Notably, she playfully discloses her inclination against individuals aligned with the Star Wars-computer-AI-nerdy persuasion, though she is quick to clarify that this preference is purely a matter of personal taste, without any intention to pass judgment on that particular group.

Unsurprisingly, this TikTok video has rapidly ascended the ranks of virality, igniting a frenzy of fascination among viewers worldwide. 

An Audacious Quest

With its unconventional premise and the promise of a substantial monetary reward, it has become the talk of the town on the platform, sparking spirited conversations and impassioned debates among its diverse user base. 

This woman’s audacious quest for love has garnered her the attention she sought, transforming her into an overnight sensation and firmly establishing her as a captivating figure in the TikTok community.

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