Woman Calls Out White People Who Claim They are Neither Racist Nor “Privileged”

TikToker @cavatica has tackled the concept of white privilege, specifically addressing those who claim not to be racist and argue that they face hardships too. While acknowledging that everyone faces challenges in life, the crucial distinction lies in the fact that these challenges are not rooted in the color of their skin.

Online Rant

In her viral video, which has garnered nearly 400,000 views, @cavatica responded to a rant by another user who stated, “I certainly don’t think that black people should expect racism because white people are going to stop being that way. There’s plenty of people that are still going to be that way, but just because I’m white or we’re white doesn’t mean that we are.”

Far From Accurate

With a record scratch effect, @cavatica jumps in to disagree with this statement and articulates why it is far from accurate.

“Yes, it does. Yes, it does. That’s literally what that means,” she asserts. She goes on to explain that as white individuals, they often struggle with self-examination because we are obsessed with being perceived as good. They genuinely believe they are good people with good intentions, and they dislike racism. Thus, they are offended by any suggestion that they could dehumanize others.

Without Acknowledgement, No Solution

However, @cavatica points out that this line of thinking is precisely why people continue to face challenges. Without acknowledging and confronting the problem, they cannot work towards a solution. She emphasizes that no one is claiming that being born white makes someone inherently evil or bad. What is problematic is when they fail to recognize the implications of being born white in a racist society.

White Privileges

She stresses the importance of examining the privileges, benefits, and insulation we inherit as white individuals, even though many people dislike the term “privilege.” She acknowledges that white individuals can experience other disadvantages, such as discrimination based on sexuality, gender, physical ability, or economic status. However, she clarifies that the color of their skin has never been a problem we face, unlike black, indigenous, and other people of color.

Unconscious Biases

She urges us to vocalize this acknowledgment, stating that failing to do so is a form of racism. She adds that racism is not limited to overtly using racial slurs; it can be subtle and unconscious, sneaking up on people through their actions and behaviors. They often remain unaware until someone calls them out on it.

She stresses the need to rely on others to help people recognize our unconscious biases and build our understanding around that knowledge. If people can accept that prejudice is a part of the human experience, then receiving feedback about it will be less emotionally distressing.


She encourages viewers, and refers to them as fellow “snowmericans,” to embrace the fact that being good means acknowledging limitations and being okay with being wrong. By doing so, people can engage in meaningful self-reflection and actively contribute to dismantling racism.

This video provides an insightful and powerful perspective on white privilege, challenging misconceptions and inviting viewers to confront uncomfortable truths in the pursuit of a more just and inclusive society.

The post  first appeared on Wealthy Living.

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