He Woke Up in a Pool of Blood When Shopping – This Crazy Woman Was Responsible! Did Justice Prevail?

In the summer of his fourteenth year, Billy’s mom sent him on a mission to the supermarket, about two miles away, with a specific request for cream of mushroom soup. Little did he know he’d never forget this trip to the supermarket!

Supermarket Mission

Now, let’s paint a picture of young Billy at that time. He was a tall, skinny lad, looking a couple of years older than his actual age. Armed with his bicycle, he embarked on the journey to the store, ready to complete his mission.

Billy’s mom had emphasized that she needed a four-pack of soup, so he didn’t bother with a shopping cart. He knew exactly what he was after and planned to grab it quickly.

The supermarket boasted numerous shelves displaying various brands of soup, and among them was the elusive white-and-red canned brand his mom desired. However, they all looked strikingly similar, making the hunt for the right one a challenge.

“I Don’t Work Here”

Determined, Billy examined can after can, hoping to stumble upon the four-pack. While his eyes scanned the shelves at chest level, a middle-aged woman accidentally bumped into him with her shopping cart. Courteously, Billy stepped aside to let her pass, but little did he know that she had other plans.

“Hey, you!” the woman grumbled in a grouchy voice, catching Billy’s attention. “Stop stocking for a minute. I want some bouillon cubes, and the shelf is empty. Go to the back and bring some out.”

Startled, Billy quickly clarified, “I don’t work here,” and turned his attention back to the shelves. Finally, he spotted what he had been searching for all along – four-packs of tomato soup and cream of mushroom soup resting on the very bottom shelf. Eagerly, he bent down to retrieve the soup, but at that moment, chaos ensued.

Blacked Out

A searing pain erupted in Billy’s head, and before he knew it, he blacked out.

His recollection of the incident is hazy, but the next thing he remembered was waking up to a burly man in a white paper cap and a butcher’s apron kneeling beside him on the floor, applying pressure to his head and urging him not to move. The woman who had collided with him loomed over them, shrieking, “Fire him! He attacked me! I’ll sue!”

Straight to the Emergency Room

As his head throbbed, Billy gazed at the pool of blood surrounding his face. Confused and disoriented, he tried to inquire about what had happened but found himself drifting in and out of consciousness.

Soon, he was being transported on a gurney, accompanied by two EMTs in green scrubs, who asked him questions and tended to his injuries. The journey to the hospital felt like a blur, and along the way, Billy provided his name, address, and phone number, as well as his high-school ID card for identification.

Upon arrival, his worried mother greeted them, demanding answers. He was concussed and ended up getting nine stitches in his head. The doctor prescribed him painkillers and told Billy to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and stay awake until bedtime.

Accused of Attacking Her

However, they couldn’t return home just yet. A police officer intercepted them and directed Billy and his mother to the supermarket. She led them to an office at the back of the store, where the woman who had caused the commotion continued to raise a ruckus, accusing Billy of attacking her.

It had been a couple of hours since the incident, yet she persisted in her claims. Seeking the truth, the officer turned to Billy and his mother for their side of the story.

With conviction, Billy spoke up, recounting the events as he remembered them. Mr. Butcher, the kind soul who had witnessed everything, supported Billy’s version of events, strongly denying the woman’s false accusations. “Lady, he’s just a kid. He doesn’t even work here,” Mr. Butcher asserted, frustrated by the woman’s deceit. “He didn’t touch you, but you hurt him plenty.”

Caught Out

To settle the matter once and for all, the officer asked Billy to show his shoulder and the side of his shirt to the woman. The evidence was undeniable—a large blotch of drying blood adorned his clothing. The kicker? It was his school jersey! With her lies unraveling, the woman’s face turned crimson.

Then came the question – did Billy want to press charges? Uncertain, he turned to his mother for guidance.

She didn’t hesitate to answer on his behalf, “You’re damn right we do!” And finally, as if the day wasn’t already filled with enough chaos, Billy discovered that someone had stolen his bike from the supermarket parking lot.

Justice Prevailed

The courtroom drama ensued, with both Mr. Butcher and Billy’s mother testifying to the truth of what had transpired. The woman was eventually convicted of simple assault, resulting in a six-month suspended jail sentence, a fine, and the obligation to reimburse Billy’s family for medical expenses.

While justice prevailed, Billy couldn’t help but feel disappointed that she didn’t have to replace his stolen bike as well.

Although the incident didn’t leave him with a severe concussion, the spottiness of his memory troubled Billy. Still, if he ever wants to remind himself of the occasion, he just has to run his fingers along the right side of his head, about two inches above his ear, and he can still feel the scar.

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