Her Son’s Girlfriend Died and He Is Inconsolable – Mom Tells Him There are Plenty More Fish In the Sea! WHAT?!

Norma, a 37-year-old woman, seems to be utterly oblivious to the emotional struggles her son is going through. Her lack of empathy and understanding is evident as she criticizes his growing bond with his aunt, dismissing it as highly inappropriate! Let’s dive into the story and explore the depths of Norma’s motivations.

Loss Hit Him Hard

Norma’s 18-year-old son experienced a devastating loss when his girlfriend passed away unexpectedly. They had a deep connection, having been friends since childhood and starting their relationship at 13. This loss hit him harder than anything he had ever experienced before.

However, instead of supporting him through this immense pain, Norma seems more concerned about how his grief is affecting her.

Inconsolable Grief

During the initial months following the tragedy, Norma’s son was inconsolable. He lost weight rapidly, cried constantly, and withdrew from the world. Worried about his well-being, one of his friends even expressed concern that he might contemplate self-harm.

Norma’s response was to keep a close watch on him, but instead of understanding the depth of his despair, she interprets his resulting resentment as a personal attack.

Missing the Point

Norma claims that she has been patient and supportive, but her actions and words tell a different story. Her son’s grief has changed him, as anyone would expect, and she fails to comprehend the depth of his pain.

Instead of providing him with the understanding he desperately needs, she dismisses his feelings and tries to minimize his loss by suggesting that he should move on because there are other girls in the world.

This callousness shows her inability to empathize and understand the complexity of grief.

Finding Solace

Norma’s son has found some solace and support in his aunt, who is only a few years older than him. It is completely natural for a young person to seek comfort from a peer who can relate to their struggles.

But Norma’s narrow-mindedness prevents her from seeing her sister’s positive impact on her son. Instead, she has labeled their closeness as “inappropriate” without providing any substantial evidence to support her claim.

It’s clear that her jealousy and selfishness are clouding her judgment.


In an attempt to control her son’s grieving process, Norma banned him from visiting his aunt’s place, which only worsened their relationship. She fails to understand that her son’s emotional well-being is crucial during this challenging time.

By isolating him and denying him the support he needs, she pushes him further away, causing more harm than good.

One night, in a heated argument with her son, Norma belittled his grief and tried to convince him that he should just move on, as there are “many girls in this world.”

Her insensitivity and lack of compassion are truly appalling.

An Inconvenience

It is evident that she sees her son’s pain as an inconvenience to her own life rather than recognizing it as a valid and profound emotional struggle.Instead of offering genuine support, Norma diminished the importance of his relationship and trivialized his emotions.

Norma’s actions highlight her controlling nature and self-centeredness. She fails to grasp the concept of grief and expects her son to adhere to her timeline for healing.

Her jealousy and insecurity shine through as she envies the relationship her son shares with his aunt, failing to recognize that their bond provides the support he needs during this difficult time.


The responses from Reddit users reflect the frustration and disbelief many feel toward Norma’s behavior. They rightfully questioned her insinuations about her son and his aunt, pointing out that she was the one driving a wedge between them.

Norma’s refusal to acknowledge her shortcomings and the impact of her actions only reinforces the growing divide between her and her son.

If Norma truly wants to mend their relationship and support her son, she must undergo a significant shift in her mindset. She needs to educate herself about grief and allow her son the space and time he requires to heal.

Seek Therapy

Seeking therapy, both individually and as a family, could help her gain insight into her own behavior and provide a platform for open and honest communication.

Norma’s journey as a mother is fraught with self-centeredness and a failure to understand her son’s grief. To salvage their relationship, she must embark on a path of self-reflection, empathy, and genuine support.

Norma needs to seek professional help to gain a deeper understanding of grief and learn how to provide the support and compassion her son desperately requires. Only then can she hope to guide her son through his grief and facilitate his eventual return to a happier, healthier state of mind.

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