Taxi Driver Refused to Take Him, Shouting “No Gay Boy” and Other Homophobic Slurs

A queer man in Manchester faced a distressing incident of homophobia when a Bolt taxi driver not only refused to pick him up but also hurled homophobic slurs at him. Here’s what happened.

Refusal to Take Him

On 15th June, Ell Hahn ordered a Bolt taxi through the app for his morning commute to work after his car broke down.

However, when the driver arrived, he slowed down, refused Hahn entry, and hurled homophobic insults at him, specifically saying “no gay boy” before driving off and canceling the trip.

The incident left Hahn feeling targeted and discriminated against.

Pushed for an Investigation

Following the incident, Hahn reported the incident to Bolt’s complaints department, demanding accountability and appropriate action.

While the company apologized for the incident, Hahn found the response inadequate, as it came from an unrelated company representative.

He insisted on knowing the outcome of the internal investigation into the matter.

However, the company stated that it might not be able to provide detailed information about the investigation.

Media Response

Then Hahn reported the incident to an LGBTQIA+ media company and they reached out to Bolt for an explanation.

In response to the incident, a Bolt spokesperson expressed the company’s strong opposition to any form of discrimination, including against LGBTQ+ communities.

They assured that if any drivers were found to have engaged in discriminatory behavior, they would be blocked from the platform.

Action Was Taken

The spokesperson claimed that the driver involved had already faced disciplinary action, and steps were being taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

Hahn remains determined to fight for justice and expects more robust measures from Bolt. He insists that he will continue to advocate until appropriate action is taken.

Bolt’s Central and Eastern European representative, Roman Sysel, condemned the actions of the driver and highlighted the company’s policy of conducting regular screenings of drivers’ licenses to ensure compliance with driving regulations and criminal offenses.

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