The HOA Wouldn’t Let His Daughter Have Her Pet Bunny, so He Let Nature Do Its Thing!

Today’s tale of revenge is of the cute and fluffy type! A guy details his neighbor’s story of revenge on an overeager Homeowners Association (HOA) member who’d wronged him. If you’ve ever had the displeasure of falling foul of an HOA, this story will certainly resonate with you!

Pet Bunnies

The original poster (OP) was just nine years old when he met his new neighbor who moved in across the street with his nine-year-old daughter and two adorable pet bunnies.

OP quickly became friends with the new neighbor’s daughter, and soon, several of the other neighborhood kids were coming over to play with the bunnies. For two years, everything was perfect.

The new neighbor kept the bunnies inside the house, and they never caused any problems. It was all fun and games until the HOA jerk entered the picture.

The HOA jerk was a member of the homeowner’s association board, and he had a tendency to nitpick about everything, even the most trivial things. He lived on the other side of the new neighbor’s house and had a clear view of their backyard.

The HOA Noticed the Bunnies

It didn’t take long for him to notice the bunnies, and he didn’t waste any time in pointing out that the new neighbor’s pets were against the HOA bylaws.

According to the bylaws, residents were only allowed to have domesticated pets, and bunnies were considered non-domesticated. It didn’t matter that he kept the bunnies inside and that they had never caused any trouble.

The HOA jerk was determined to have them removed. He made a stink with the HOA board and demanded that the family get rid of the bunnies immediately, or they would face hefty fines.

The new neighbor tried to reason with the HOA jerk and explain that the bunnies were his daughter’s pets and harmless. But the HOA jerk was relentless and wouldn’t budge. He had a smile on his face when he told the little girl, “Tell Buggs bye-bye.” Truly villainous!

They Had to Go

What the HOA jerk didn’t know was that new neighbors were only a few weeks away from moving back across the country to be closer to family. They’d completed a private sale on the house, no signage outside, and most people didn’t even know.

So this is when his neighbor got an idea for some revenge.

The new neighbor could have just ignored the HOA’s demands and waited until he moved out of the neighborhood. But he had a far better idea.

Bunny Revenge

A few weeks before he moved, he captured four wild bunnies from a friend’s property in a rural area of town and set them loose in the neighborhood.

At first, the bunnies were just a cute addition to the neighborhood. They would hop around the yards and gardens, and everyone loved them. But soon enough, the bunny population started to grow. Within a month, it had doubled, and within a few months, it had tripled.

The bunnies were everywhere, and they were breeding like, well, bunnies! And where did they do it? In the HOA jerk’s yard, of course, where he and his wife had spent years creating a bushy, flowery oasis.

The HOA jerk was not amused. His once-beautiful backyard was full of bunny droppings, and the bushes and flowers that he had spent years cultivating were being destroyed by the rampaging rabbits!

He spent months petitioning the HOA board to eradicate the bunnies but to no avail. The other members of the board found his complaints amusing and didn’t see any harm in having a few bunnies around.


For the most part, the bunnies were harmless. They stayed out of the way and added a homey feel to the yards. But for the HOA jerk, they were a constant reminder of his defeat.

He had to watch as bunnies overrun his once-beautiful backyard. He tried everything to get rid of them, but nothing worked.

Twenty years later, the neighborhood was still a bunny hideaway. The new neighbor had long since moved away, but the bunnies remained.

They were now a fixture of the neighborhood, and everyone loved them except for the HOA jerk, of course. He still lived there, and he had long given up on protecting his beautiful backyard from the bunnies.

OP couldn’t help but laugh every time he walked by the HOA jerk’s house and saw the bunnies running around. He knew that it was his former neighbor’s revenge, and he couldn’t help but admire his creativity.

Those neighbors probably still laugh about the bunnypocalypse they caused. Who knew that revenge could be so cute and fluffy?

Reddditor’s loved this guy’s tale. One user said, “And they say there’s no such thing as a perfect revenge story, this one’s hopping incredible! I guess you could say this neighbor’s revenged multiplied like… well, you know!”

What do you think of this tale? Have you ever been on the receiving end of a HOA complaint?

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