She Put in the Time to Start a Family With You So She’s Never Going to Accept Your New Partner!

Break up are never easy, and when there is a child involved things can get complicated. You cannot simply give up on each other and go your separate ways. The child should and will want to see you both. Yet, this becomes more difficult when a new person gets involved. In this instance, it seems that it is a real problem when the father finds a new partner after breaking up with the mother. 

Health vs Unhealthy Relationships

In this video, TikToker Lisa Lu (@lisalu_girlpower) shares the real reason a baby’s mother dislikes the new woman in the picture. No matter if the woman is nice or not, it is never nice to see or hear of a new woman in your baby’s father’s life.

Lisa speaks on behalf of the baby’s mother and says that if the mother has been in a toxic relationship with the father, the chance of any new woman being liked is highly unlikely. The tension will be worse if the relationship was unhealthy. 

If the baby’s mother was with a narcissist, then the drama will be “on steroids.” Life will be much more difficult for the new woman if her new partner was once nasty or unfaithful to the baby’s mother. 

Multiple Baby Mamas Equals More Drama

Lisa then moves on to speak on behalf of the baby’s mother and why the father would be disliked. She talks about men who have multiple “baby mamas” and how they should realize that having multiple children with multiple women is already screaming drama. 

She says a baby’s mother has put in the time, work, effort, money, and sacrifice to commit to having a child with the father, she has every reason to cause drama and dislike the man if he decides to leave and/or go off with a new woman. 

A father should understand why a mother would be so upset. She was promised time and effort and didn’t receive it. She would not have committed to raising a child if she didn’t think she would receive the same energy from the father. 

However, if a father decides to leave and gets confused about why the mother is upset, the father should understand. 

She’s Invested, He’s Not

Lisa says that when a mother is not promised and given the same energy and effort, they have every reason to get upset and cause drama. The baby’s mother will wait for this world that she was promised and when she doesn’t get it, that is when the dislike kicks in. 

The video goes on to say that the mother puts in blood, sweat, and tears, however, the man reaps the benefits of her labor without having further commitments. If he doesn’t bother to give the same back to the mother, why should she continue being civil?

Lisa persists in saying that the mother is the right person to get angry if the man decides to flaunt around and call her crazy. All the woman wants is to get back the same energy that she was giving, to both the child and the man. However, if she doesn’t get back the same response, she will guarantee to get mad and upset. 

Get Back What She Gives

It seems that what the baby’s mother will get out of the deal is the diapers and the dirt, no additional help like she thought she would. 

When a woman commits to having a baby with a male partner, they assume that the father will be there every step of the way to assist with diapers, crying periods, and more. Hence, when the father figure is not there and she needs to do everything alone, this is the real reason she will dislike you and the new woman. 

Let’s be honest, it will be rare to find a mother that is civil with the father and his new woman after being disowned and not helped. It is within her right to act this way if she and the child are not given the life they were promised.

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