School Provided Sex Change Hormones Without Parents Consent and Addressed Their Daughter as ‘He’

In a deeply unsettling revelation, a couple has come forward to share their harrowing experience after discovering that their autistic teenage daughter was undergoing a social transition at her school without their knowledge. Here’s the full story.

In the Dark About Use of Hormones

The parents expressed their distress at being kept in the dark about their daughter’s use of sex hormones, a decision they were unaware of and had not consented to.

According to the parents, they had previously met with the head teacher of their daughter’s secondary school in southeast England, clearly stating their disagreement with their daughter being referred to by a boy’s name or male pronouns in class.

However, they were shocked to learn that certain teachers had been using a boy’s name to address their 16-year-old daughter.

Alarmed by this discovery, the parents sought legal assistance to gain access to the school’s records.

Guidance on Gender Identity

To their astonishment, they found evidence that some staff members were aware that their daughter was undergoing cross-sex hormone treatment to masculinize her body and was using a chest binder to flatten her breasts.

The teenager had also received guidance on gender identity from a youth project associated with the school.

Expressing their concerns, the father stated, “This is a safeguarding issue. We feel our daughter’s mental and physical health is being put at risk, and we have been shut out from any discussion. When we met the headteacher, we agreed there would be no social transition at school. Some teachers disregarded that. We feel we are living in a Franz Kafka novel.”

Acted in Her Worst Interests

Furthermore, the father revealed, “The institutions have put us in an impossible situation. We have only ever sought to act in the best interests of our daughter. We believe that some of the professionals whose job it is to safeguard children may have acted in her worst interests by enabling, encouraging, and facilitating life-changing medicalization with irreversible consequences.”

In response to these allegations, the school denied any failure in its safeguarding responsibilities and emphasized the pupil’s right to privacy regarding her medical information.

The school stated that reminders were issued to staff explicitly instructing them not to use the pupil’s preferred name.

Suffer the Consequences

However, the parents remain deeply concerned about their daughter’s well-being and the lack of transparency surrounding her social transition.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “This is what I’ve been saying. So children can consent to transition and in Finland, as young as 10 years old can restrict their medical information from parents. But if something goes wrong, guess who’s to blame? This is sick.”

Another user added, “This is horrific. Teachers are not experts and will never suffer the consequences of the decisions they may make.”

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