She Got Revenge on the Thieves Who Stole Her Tips – This Girl’s Got Guts!

In this lively tale, we join Donna as she recounts an incident involving thieving women, a missing tip jar, and a vengeance so well executed that it left a worldwide mark on the thief’s permanent records!

Donna’s Multitasking Night

Donna, a fiery and determined girl, recounts a tale that still brings her immense joy, even after two years have passed.

Back in the day, she held the position of assistant manager at a bustling club/bar. Understaffed and overworked, Donna found herself juggling a staggering workload of 4-6 different jobs every night.

One fateful evening, she manned the front door, playing the roles of greeter, ID checker, and fee collector.

Trouble at the Front Door

Most guests were decent, but there were times when trouble seemed to radiate from certain individuals as soon as they stepped foot inside.

Donna, never one to sympathize with disrespectful behavior, had no qualms about turning them away. However, this particular night was different.

Donna remained at the door until closing time approached, which was 1:45 a.m. (last call was at 1:30 a.m.). As an assistant manager, her responsibilities extended beyond the entrance; she had to balance registers and ensure the servers and bar were in order.

They blocked the front entrance off to facilitate a smooth exit and directed guests to use a side door near the front.

A Mysterious Disappearance

It was then that things went sideways.

Donna had a tip jar stationed at the front door, one that she deliberately left untouched until she completed her closing duties. (Not the best decision, she admits, but the constant stress she endured made her prioritize efficiency over caution.)

After concluding her other tasks, Donna eagerly went to retrieve her tips and jacket, only to discover that the tip jar had vanished!

Fueled by Anger

Donna was FURIOUS! The amount taken wasn’t astronomical, but it was a decent sum – roughly $80. Fueled by her anger, Donna delved into the security footage, determined to unmask the culprits.

Now, let’s talk about a nifty little system called Patron Scan. It’s a go-to tool for bars and clubs, enabling them to scan IDs, verify ages, and detect counterfeit identification.

Moreover, it allows establishments to take notes or place bans on unruly or violent patrons. Internal bans are for your location only, and public bans are worldwide – extending their reach across multiple venues utilizing the same system.

Seeking Justice

Armed with this knowledge, Donna decided she was going to get some beautiful revenge!

She meticulously went through the security cameras, found the three women, and watched as they tried to take money out of the top of the tip jar; realized they couldn’t, and so took the whole unit!

The Power of Patron Scan

Once she identified the culprits, she scoured through Patron Scan to find the three culprits (a time-consuming process as there were over 200 guests that day) and placed a lifetime ban on them at their location – the sole club within a 50-mile radius!

Not stopping there, Donna also implemented a lifetime public ban, accompanied by a damning note: “Theft: stole tip jar from front door.”

Lifetime Bans and Public Shaming for the Culprits

While Donna acknowledges that her revenge was minimal, she takes pleasure in knowing that every other bar and club in the city, as well as establishments within a 200-mile radius of their state, employed Patron Scan.

Heck, even locations worldwide were bound to share this system. She really hoped that these women would find their nights ruined somewhere else, courtesy of her actions.

Satisfaction in Serving Justice

To top it all off, these women had been outrageously rude at the door, brazenly refusing to pay the $20 entrance fee on a Saturday night!

Donna experienced great satisfaction in ensuring their permanent exclusion from her establishment.

Donna’s Pleasure in Ruining Their Nights

And so, Donna basks in the memories of her triumph, cherishing the fact that she had served justice, even if it was on a relatively small scale.

Redditors loved Donna’s revenge. One user said, “This is fabulous! Especially since bars are few and far between. I also take pleasure in knowing that they could be going to a club in Italy and get rejected. Best $80 ever “spent”!”

What do you think of Donna’s revenge? Do you think it’s overkill? Let us know in the comments!

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