They Tried to Resolve Their Sibling Rivalry With a Duel. His Parents Said He Humiliated and Emasculated His Brother

This Redditor found himself in a contentious situation with his brother, resulting in a public showdown that divided the family. Here’s the full story.

His Brother, the Golden Child

From an early age, the Original Poster (OP) felt like he lived in his brother’s shadow. His brother was considered the “golden child” in the family.

OP was always in his brother’s shadow at every milestone and occasion. The brother was the family’s source of pride.

After graduating high school, OP’s brother joined the military, following in their father’s footsteps. Before being released, he served for nearly eight years.

Life Gave Him a Different Path

But, OP was given an epilepsy diagnosis when he was young, which prevented him from pursuing a similar path. Fortunately, OP was able to grow out of it.

Seeking his passion, OP found solace and success in shooting competitions, particularly in 3-gun competitions that involve rifle, shotgun, and handgun shooting.

OP is currently in the process of being sponsored and competing in national competitions.

However, OP’s family doesn’t seem to care much.

OP says he doesn’t care what his family thinks, but his brother decided to tell him whenever he had the chance that there was no way OP was that skilled and that he was better than OP because he had “combat training.”

OP was angered by his comments but decided not to say anything.

His Brother Provoked Him

However, when his brother kept repeating the same things whenever they met, OP broke down and finally called him out.

After an argument, OP and his brother consented to perform in a mock competition in front of their family, including their mom, dad, SIL, and others.

A Mock Competition to Settle Things

OP went to great lengths to ensure a fair and controlled environment for the competition, providing all the necessary equipment and ammunition and even enlisting a friend to act as a referee.

The stages were set up safely, adhering to proper gun safety protocols.

OP’s intention was not to humiliate his brother but rather to prove his skills and end the constant comparisons.

The competition began, and OP won all rounds.

When the final round arrived, they engaged in a head-to-head, and OP won.

He Was the Victor – But Only on the Stage

OP gave his brother several more chances to start over or try again. 

But, frustrated and unable to accept defeat gracefully, OP’s brother made excuses and accused the user of humiliating and emasculating him.

This reaction triggered a negative response from the parents, who sided with the brother and called OP a jerk.

Only the SIL expressed gratitude for the opportunity, while OP’s girlfriend questioned OP’s decision to finish off his brother, acknowledging it as a display of unnecessary superiority.

The situation grew so bad that OP’s mother forbade him from visiting for Mother’s Day until OP had said sorry to his brother. She again referred to OP as a jerk and demanded an apology.

OP took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong, and several Redditors sided with OP.

One Reddit user shared that OP was not wrong and that his brother invited the family to embarrass OP, but it backfired, and he then spun it as OP was the issue.

Another Redditor wrote, “By making such a big deal of it, your brother is making certain that everyone will remember it for longer and that the issue will be a cloud over his head for more time. Also, anyone who talks about people “emasculating” them after a legit loss has serious issues with fragile and toxic masculinity. He lost fair and square. He needs to mature and accept it. And your parents need to stop enabling him.”

So what is your opinion? Was OP in the wrong here?

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