Their Landlord Wanted to See the Evidence of Their Rodent Problem, so They Hand Delivered It to Her!

Their landlord didn’t take them seriously when they said they had a rodent problem. They wanted to see real evidence. So they gave them what they asked for.

Their Cat Presented Them With a Mouse

It was a crisp autumn evening in 2019, just after the first frost had settled in. OP (the original poster) and her husband had settled down in their cozy apartment when their cat, ever the vigilant hunter, proudly presented them with a mouse. They snapped a picture of the furry intruder and promptly reported it to maintenance.

Maintenance arrived, inspecting the apartment for any signs of rodent activity. Finding no evidence of mouse droppings, they set a trap and assured OP and her husband that they would take care of the issue. But little did they know, this was just the beginning of a nightmare that would last for weeks.

There Were More and More Mice

A few nights later, OP and her husband found another mouse in their apartment. And then, to their horror, the following night brought not one but two more mice.

The couple wasted no time in contacting maintenance again, who claimed to have found the source of the problem behind the stove and promptly patched it up. But despite their efforts, the mice continued to invade the apartment.

With each passing day, the situation became increasingly frustrating. OP and her husband requested a professional exterminator to take care of the infestation, but maintenance refused, insisting that the issue was not as severe as the couple claimed.

Maintenance Said It Wasn’t So Bad

Their only evidence was the pictures they had taken of the sixteen mice their cat had caught over time. It was clear that the landlord was reluctant to spend money on an exterminator and was in denial about the severity of the problem.

But OP was not one to back down easily. She was determined to put an end to the mice infestation once and for all. Then one day, the maintenance guy came up with a ridiculous idea – to keep the next mouse they caught and personally deliver it to the main office, so they could “study it and determine its origin.”

OP and her husband, who were well-educated and knew better, couldn’t believe what they were hearing! It was obvious what the maintenance guy was doing.

Nevertheless, they decided to take matters into their own hands and comply, but with a malicious twist!

They Hand Delivered the Evidence

As fate would have it, they caught another mouse in their trap a few nights later. This time, they kept it in a garbage can in the tub overnight. Unfortunately, the little creature didn’t survive the ordeal.

The next morning, OP and her husband bagged the deceased mouse and headed to the leasing building, where the apartment manager was already present, along with several families waiting to tour the complex.

They explained to the landlord about the now 17 mice they had encountered and how they were supposed to personally deliver each mouse to her, as per the maintenance guy’s request.

It Was an Apartment Viewing Surprise

The apartment manager looked horrified as she listened to their story. She grabbed her cell phone and stormed into a back room, where they could hear her screaming at the maintenance guy for his absurd suggestion! In the meantime, OP and her husband took the opportunity to inform the potential tenants about the ongoing mouse infestation issues they had been facing.

After a few minutes, the apartment manager returned, tossing the deceased mouse in the garbage and reluctantly agreeing to hire a professional exterminator to inspect the entire building.

The exterminator discovered hundreds of entry points that he promptly sealed up. Miraculously, that was the last mouse OP and his husband ever encountered in their apartment.

Finally, the Exterminator Shows Up

OP and her husband were relieved that his landlord had finally resolved the issue, but they couldn’t help but feel frustrated by the entire situation. They reported the issue numerous times, but maintenance did not take it seriously. It wasn’t until they took matters into their own hands that the landlord finally agreed to take action.

It was a classic case of malicious compliance – complying with a ridiculous request to expose the absurdity of the situation. But it had worked, and the apartment was finally mouse-free.

Looking back, OP and her husband can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. They had not only gotten rid of the mice, but they had also exposed the incompetence of the maintenance team and ensured that the apartment building was safe and clean for all its residents.

Redditors loved the story of this couple. One user said, “Nice that your cat is a natural mouser. While they might have some instincts, if they haven’t been taught how to hunt by mom, they might not figure it out.”

What do you think about this story? Have you ever had any issues with your landlord?

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