This 10-Year-Old Had No Idea What This Was. It’s Going to Make You Feel Old When You Realise!

A heartwarming video on TikTok has gone viral, leaving many feeling old as they witness a 10-year-old girl’s struggle to open a CD case. 

A Comical Moment

In the video, which has reached 2 million views on TikTok, a mum from Pennsylvania, known by her online handle ELS or @elspa570, shares a comical moment involving her daughter Tegan and a Now 21 CD. 

At first, ELS takes the CD away from Tegan due to the amusing sequence of events that followed. 

ELS hands the CD back to Tegan, explaining, “So you all can see that the struggle is real.” Tegan, seemingly puzzled, asks, “What is it?” followed by, “What do I do with it?” 

What Is It?

Her mom encourages her to open it, but Tegan is unable.

Expressing her disbelief, ELS turns the camera back to herself, mirroring the astonishment shared by TikTok users who can’t believe Tegan’s struggle.

Commenting on the video, one viewer exclaims, “WHAT IS IT HAD ME IMMEDIATELY,” expressing the heartwarming hilarity.

Another TikToker reflects, “Why are these kids making us feel so old?” 

Feeling Old?

Lastly, this user adds to the feeling of old age, “Watching her attempt to open every single side EXCEPT for the correct one.” 

In response to the overwhelming reaction, Tegan’s mom decides to film a follow-up video where ELS takes the opportunity to guide her daughter, comparing the CD to a book, as she explains, “It’s kinda like a book.” 

Tegan holds the CD and gazes at it with a blank expression. After some shuffling and careful movement, Tegan opens the CD, to which her mom proudly shouts, “There you go!”

Even after Tegan successfully opens the CD, TikTok users can’t help but comment on another aspect of the generational gap—the way Tegan holds and handles the CD. 

One viewer remarks, “Whyyy is she holding it like that, nooo she’s gonna scratch it.” 

Another viewer points out, “She put fingerprints on it. No fingerprints.”

This nostalgic video shows just how far we’ve come in the last decade. 

Did you feel old hearing about the viral sensation? Let us know in the comments!

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