This Entitled Guest Tried to Have Other Guest’s Cars Towed to Secure a Carpark for Herself, Her Attempts Failed

Abby worked the audit shift, and most nights were peaceful, but this particular night would prove to be an exception – she encountered a level of entitlement she hadn’t encountered before.

The Usual Routine

It was 11:30 pm when Abby settled into her usual routine, diligently attending to all her pre-audit tasks. Suddenly, Karen stormed up to the front desk, holding her cell phone up like a flag of authority.

Without any preamble, she thrust the screen towards Abby, revealing a series of pictures she had taken of the license plates adorning the cars parked in the designated EV spots.

Abby sighed inwardly, realizing she was about to embark on a journey through the twisted logic of a boss-level bad customer.

“These vehicles are unauthorized!” Karen exclaimed, her voice filled with righteous indignation.

She Filled Her in on Hotel Policy

Suppressing her frustration, Abby took a deep breath and calmly explained the parking policy. She emphasized that the spots were available on a first-come, first-served basis due to the limited parking availability. However, she assured Karen that she could secure an EV spot for her in approximately ten minutes.

Abby also mentioned that the hotel had a practice of having employees park in those spots temporarily, allowing them to relocate their vehicles to accommodate guests with electric cars easily.

Much to Abby’s dismay, Karen was far from satisfied with her explanation. She demanded that all the non-electric vehicles be immediately moved, claiming they were “Not Authorized” to occupy those spots.

All the Cars Were Authorized to Park There

Patiently, Abby reiterated that the cars in question belonged to registered guests and employees who were indeed authorized to park there. Nonetheless, she reassured Karen that a spot would be available for her as soon as the security guard moved his car.

Time passed, and just as Abby was about to call Karen with the good news, her phone rang. It was Karen, and she wasted no time in dropping a bombshell. “I’ve called a tow company to remove those cars,” she declared defiantly.

She Called the Tow Company

Abby’s jaw dropped in disbelief! How could Karen take matters into her own hands without considering the consequences? Before Abby could respond, Karen received a reality check from the tow company itself. They informed her that she lacked the authority to have any vehicles towed and that it was the hotel’s responsibility to initiate such actions.

In a fit of frustration, Karen turned her rage towards Abby, demanding that she call the tow company again and authorize the immediate removal of the “unauthorized” cars.

Maintaining her composure, Abby stood her ground. She firmly explained to Karen that the parked cars were legally occupying the hotel’s property and that she would not be making any calls to tow them away. Abby also reminded Karen that a reserved EV spot was readily available for her use.

She Wouldn’t Accept Her Reasoning

Yet, Karen’s tirade continued, her threats growing louder. She vowed to visit a fast charger in the morning and send the hotel a substantial bill for her inconvenience.

With a calm voice, Abby acknowledged Karen’s position, offering a practical suggestion. “If you would like to discuss this matter further, I recommend calling during business hours when a manager will be available to address your concerns more directly.”

The following day brought an unexpected twist to the tale. Abby discovered that Karen had taken her frustrations to the hotel chain’s website, lodging a complaint against her.

She Lodged a Formal Complaint

In the complaint, Karen boldly claimed that Abby had not demonstrated enough care for her problems. When Abby’s manager approached her, seeking her side of the story, she couldn’t help but respond with honesty and a touch of wry amusement.

“Well,” she confessed, “it’s not entirely untrue. I did care enough to secure a designated charging space for her, but I didn’t care enough to have seven perfectly legal cars towed simply because Karen deemed them ‘unauthorized.'”

In the end, Abby’s story served as a reminder that true care and concern should be reserved for legitimate grievances, not for the whims of those who seek to bend the world to their will.

She took pride in her ability to maintain her professionalism, even in the face of Karen’s irrational demands, knowing that her actions were rooted in fairness and reason. And as she continued her work, she remained steadfast in her commitment to uphold the rules and navigate the maze of rude and obnoxious individuals with grace and resolve.

Have you ever had to deal with a customer like Karen? How did you handle it?

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