This Entitled Woman Tried Everything for a Freebie and Became the First Person to Be Blacklisted by the Resort!

A front desk worker took to Reddit recently to tell the story of the worst customer she’d ever encountered, and it blew up! Let’s take a look.

She Worked the Front Desk

Back in the day, Cally found herself toiling away at a so-called “resort” with an indoor water park. The clientele fell into two distinct categories: the affluent families who treated the place as a secondary vacation spot and those hardworking families who scrimped and saved for years to experience something a little more affordable than a famous rodent-themed amusement park. There was no in-between.

Now, let’s talk about the not-so-pleasant guests. This particular resort had a reputation for being outrageously overpriced. Consequently, they had their fair share of shady characters and scammers passing through. But one guest, oh boy, this person stood head and shoulders above the rest as the worst guest Cally had ever encountered in their entire fifteen-year stint in the hospitality industry!

“The Guest Is Always Right”

The resort belonged to a brand that boasted an unwavering “the guest is always right” philosophy. They would bend over backward to appease even the most demanding of guests. If someone had a truly terrible stay, the resort would graciously offer them a certificate for a complimentary return visit to prove their commitment to making things right. This certificate has a one-year validity period – if you don’t use it within a year, you lose it.

So, one fine day, this lady – let’s call her Kelly – calls up the resort, claiming to possess one of these golden certificates. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, right? But there’s a twist. She insists that she received the certificate a whopping five years ago and, lo and behold, has managed to misplace the darn thing. Naturally, the reservations agent informs her that she’s out of luck. End of story? Not quite.

She Has a Questionable Track Record

Interestingly enough, Kelly’s account history reveals a pattern. She had made multiple reservations in the past, only to cancel them at the last minute due to a family member’s sudden and unfortunate demise. Three times, on the very day she was scheduled to check in, tragedy struck her family like clockwork. What an extraordinary stroke of misfortune!

And here’s where things get even more intriguing. The cancellation fee? Waived. Every. Single. Time. Now, if that doesn’t raise a few eyebrows, what will?

Undeterred by the initial denial of her free stay, Kelly takes her complaints up the corporate ladder. She calls, and she calls, until eventually, the General Manager relents—but only to a certain extent. Instead of granting her a completely free stay, the GM compromises and offers Kelly an upgraded room at the team member rate. This is practically unheard of.

A Generous Upgrade

Guess who’s the lucky duck stuck with the task of checking in this oh-so-charming Kelly? You guessed it—Cally. But alas, the reservation seems to have vanished into thin air. Naturally, Kelly’s impatience starts to rear its ugly head. With a determined search by confirmation number, Cally discovers that Kelly is a day early.

The room type she had originally booked is now sold out, leaving them with two options for her first night’s stay. Cally presents Kelly with a choice: she can either stay in a different room type for the first night and then switch to her original choice for the second night, or she can stick to the same room type for both nights to avoid any inconvenience.

But here’s where Kelly’s sense of entitlement truly shines. She has the audacity to ask for a rate change because she’s been “downgraded.” Cally, her patience tested to the max, calmly explains the facts.

She Wants a Bigger Discount

The confirmation clearly states the arrival date, and Kelly showed up a day early. Furthermore, she is paying a mere $75 per night for a room that is currently commanding a staggering $600 per night. So, no, Cally will not be granting her a discount – end of discussion.

Needless to say, Kelly is not pleased. She huffs her way to her assigned room, only to make an immediate call to the front desk, complaining about the alleged filthiness of everything and demanding compensation or some form of voucher as a form of reparation!

Sensing the escalation, the GM comes out to investigate. To nobody’s surprise, they find absolutely no issues with the room. It’s safe to say that Kelly didn’t expect someone to call her bluff.

She Was Nitpicking

Throughout the weekend, Kelly continues her relentless campaign of harassment against the hardworking resort employees. She nitpicks about the food in the restaurant and grumbles about the lines at the water park – there’s just no pleasing her.

Cally had spent five long years working at that resort, and Kelly was the one and only person they had ever seen get blacklisted. Yes, blacklisted!

She Was Blacklisted!

They let her finish her stay, only to inform her that she was no longer welcome back. She would have kicked her out on the spot if Cally had been in charge!

It’s safe to say that dealing with Kelly had cost the resort more than they had bargained for. They had lost money on her, plain and simple.

Have you ever had the misfortune of dealing with a customer like Kelly? How did you handle it?

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