Trans Groups Slam Father Who Wants to Block His Autistic Daughter’s Gender-Affirming Surgery

Recently, an anonymous father tried to prevent his autistic daughter from undergoing consensual gender-affirming surgery, leading to lawsuits from 42 charities and hundreds of individuals. Here’s what happened.

Father Tries to Block Daughter’s Decision

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the anonymous father expressed his belief that his Trans autistic daughter should wait until she turns 25 before undergoing gender-affirming surgery.

The father brought in the case suggesting that despite her age of 21, she lacked the maturity to make such decisions. The father added, “[She] may chronologically be age but, maturity-wise, that’s not the case. At the moment [she’s] 21, but [she’s] probably acting like [she’s] 16 or 17.”

Concerns About Autistic Rights

This case has raised concerns about the rights of autistic individuals, the infringement of bodily autonomy, and the attempt to restrict access to vital healthcare based on a person’s disability by hundreds of trans activists.

The open letter released by the Trans Safety Network denounces both the father’s legal complaint and solicitor Paul Conrathe’s involvement in the case.

Jeopardizing Disabled Adults Autonomy

The letter emphasized that a potential judicial review could jeopardize disabled adults’ assumed capacity to make decisions about their care, as well as limit access to transition-related healthcare for disabled transgender and gender-diverse individuals.

The letter also argues that before denying healthcare access, individuals must be provided with practical support, and autonomy should be encouraged.

It references Conrathe’s involvement in the Bell v Tavistock case, which sought to restrict young trans people’s access to treatment, and emphasizes the need to align with the principles of the Gillick competency, ensuring young people can access healthcare without parental consent.

The open letter was signed by 42 LGBTQ+ Charities and activist groups.

Safer Together

The letter further read, “Many of our volunteers are disabled or neurodivergent. We can’t separate the attacks we face as trans people from the attacks we face as disabled people and feel strongly that we are safer together.

We have observed a narrative of infantilizing Trans and disabled adults which draw both on stereotypes of trans people being mentally ill and on disabled people needing other people to control their lives.”


The Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP), one of the signatory organizations, stressed its commitment to fighting discrimination and paternalism.

They firmly rejected using autism, learning difficulties, or mental health as excuses to undermine laws protecting freedom of choice in medical treatments.

The group used the Mental Capacity Act of 2005’s guiding principles as justification for its condemnation of the case.

Clear Principles

According to the Act’s first principle, a person’s capacity to make consenting decisions must be presumed unless clearly disproved, hence a person’s medical condition or disability is not sufficient grounds for denying them access to healthcare.

According to principle two, a person must receive “all practicable help” before being denied access to healthcare. This means that autonomy should be promoted before healthcare access is revoked.


Several Twitter users also shared their thoughts about the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “The emotional pain a person feels when their parents don’t have their back is devastating. The heartbreak can stay with you and challenge you for the rest of your life.”

Another user commented, “She’s an adult, and people with autism are capable of self-determination and thinking for themselves. No need for infantilizing them.”

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