He Didn’t Think She Fit the “Stereotype” of a Military Veteran. He Even Had the Audacity to Question Her Right to Be Part of the School’s Veterans Organization

This tale of not judging a book by its cover comes from Reddit. A military veteran questioned the legitimacy of another vet’s claim to be part of the school’s veterans organization.

A Former Captain

A former Captain in the Marine Corps, Tod, who is now 34 years old and pursuing an MBA, had a classmate named Jamie (31F) who caught his attention. 

He described her as gentle, soft-spoken, and unassuming, which, he felt, didn’t seem to align with the necessary bravado required in a military environment.

During one of their discussions, the former Captain shared his military experience, and to his surprise, Jamie revealed she was a Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy. 

He Questioned Her Story

Tod found it hard to believe and started asking her about her deployment, the courses she took, and the ship she served on. But, Jamie became evasive and refused to give specific details about her military life. 

Every time he tried to press her for more details she would say, “it just wasn’t a good period of my life” or “I’d rather not talk about it”.

So Tod, feeling suspicious, decided to accuse Jamie of lying about her military service and expressed his unwillingness to work with a “phony.” 

He then shared his experience with his friend, Martin, who was part of their school’s veterans organization. 

She Was a Verified Veteran

Martin was able to confirm that Jamie served in the military and even showed paperwork and identification. 

One of her MBA recommendation letters also came from a retired Rear Admiral (O-8).

Feeling embarrassed, Tod tried to reconcile with Jamie during their next meeting, but Jamie rebuffed him and said, “pound sand, poolee”. 

Now he’s stuck wondering if he was wrong for accusing her. 

What Redditors Said

BreakfastHuge5981 wrote, “I’m guessing being a veteran is 90% of your personality.”

Another responded, “Without any evidence, you accused her of something terrible. You were wrong. Why on earth would she want to be “chummy” with someone like you?”

Lia_Delphani said, “You interrogated her because she didn’t fit your misogynistic views of what a service person should be. She literally said this was a bad time in her life, and you tried to force it.”

What do you think? Was he right to accuse her of lying about her military service? How would you have handled the situation?

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