Don’t Run With a Pony Tail: TikTok Teen Shares Invaluable Life-Saving Safety Tips in Her Viral Video Series

This young TikTok influencer has decided to use her fame for good, providing vital safety skills for teenagers.

She’s Saving Lives

Spencer Barbosa, an 18-year-old TikToker from Ontario, Canada, with over 8.7 million followers under the username @spencer.barbosa, is receiving accolades for sharing invaluable safety tips that could potentially save lives.

In one of her videos, “Personal safety tips that could save your life,” uploaded last year, Barbosa imparts a range of recommendations for avoiding dangerous situations.

“These are personal safety tips that could literally save your life,” she begins. “You need to know this.”

Barbosa proceeds to offer advice, such as avoiding stairwells at night and refraining from running with a ponytail. “At night, attacks are more likely to occur in stairwells than elevators, so take the elevator,” she advises her followers. 

Invaluable Safety Tips

She further suggests keeping car keys near the bedside table instead of by the entrance, enabling easy access to the panic button if necessary.

Barbosa also emphasizes that women should avoid wearing ponytails while running, as they can be easier to grab and exploit. “Don’t. Please don’t,” she urges.

Don’t Overshare!

The fourth tip from Barbosa encourages people not to overshare personal information on social media, particularly cautioning against disclosing locations or announcing being home alone. “I see so many young girls posting their locations, telling people they are home alone. Don’t.”

Regarding the fifth tip, Barbosa advises individuals who suspect they are being followed to turn around, ensuring the person behind them sees their face. She cites interviews with a group of rapists who claim the target becomes less attractive after being observed.

Barbosa also notes that employing this tactic allows one to study the face of the person following them.

In the final tip of her TikTok video, Barbosa suggests carrying mini bottles of hairspray as a self-defense measure since it is legal and convenient.

The video has garnered over 4.9 million views, while a follow-up video by Barbosa featuring additional safety tips has been viewed over 3.6 million times.

Pretend If You Have To

In the second video, Barbosa advises her followers never to be alone in poorly lit areas where they cannot see their surroundings. She also recommends creating the illusion that one does not live alone by placing a pair of men’s shoes outside the front door.

“I hate to say this, but if you’re a girl living alone or in a group of girls living together, go to a thrift store, buy a large pair of visibly dirty and used work boots, and leave them outside your front door,” she advises. “This will signal to potential intruders that a strong, tough man is present, making them less likely to invade your house.”

The TikTok community has widely applauded Barbosa’s advice, with many expressing gratitude for her invaluable tips.

“Thank u for making this, so so important to know,” commented one person, while another remarked, “I never thought about carrying hairspray! Thank you!”

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