This TikTok Creator Makes Separate Meals for Her Husband, the Internet Says She Married a Toddler!

Recently a TikToker shared how she makes a separate meal for her husband if he doesn’t like the one she’s already cooked. 

A Heated Discussion on Social Media

Brianna, known as @themamabrianna on TikTok, ignited a heated discussion on social media after sharing a video where she prepares a separate meal for her husband if he refuses to eat the dinner she made. 

The clip showcases Brianna making a tray of nachos for her spouse while incorporating a snippet of Meghan Trainor’s song “Mother.” In the video, she notes, “My husband didn’t eat the dinner that I made… So let’s make him some nachos.”

During the assembly process, the on-screen text reads, “If I don’t feed him, he literally won’t eat. This used to irritate me. Now I just blame his mother for never making him try salmon.” 

She Blames His Mother

“He is an adult… time to stop blaming mommy,” one commenter replied. 

The video concludes with Brianna handing the nachos to her husband, who eagerly awaits on the sofa wrapped in a blanket. In the caption, she imparts her perspective, stating, “Moral of the story: always serve your kids alllll [sic] the food, even if they say they don’t like it after the first time. Twenty-five years from now, your child’s spouse will thank you.”

The TikTok video has garnered over 3.7 million views and has been shared on Twitter, fueling a wave of commentary. 

Viewers Were Outraged

Critics expressed shock and disgust at the notion of preparing an entirely new meal for her husband after rejecting the initial dinner.

“I hope you are joking,” one user wrote, while another referenced a scene from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, exclaiming, “Sorry. My inner Beast would come out, ‘Then go ahead and STARVE!'”

A third commenter firmly stated, “Nope, if he can’t make his own food, he’s going to bed hungry.”

“If my man refused to eat a dinner I made him, I’d never cook for him again,” one woman said. 

Some individuals pointed out the similarity between Brianna’s husband’s behavior and children who display picky eating habits.

“She’s married to a toddler,” one person remarked, with another adding, “That feeling when you’re married to a literal four-year-old.”

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