She Was Told by Military Recruiters That She Would Never Be in Active Combat – Now She’s Being Deployed to Iraq and Says “This Life Is Not for Me”

When it comes to military recruitment, there’s an alarming resemblance to salesmanship. Instead of pushing car deals or exaggerated cell phone plans, recruiters are tasked with convincing individuals to commit to four years of active duty, followed by four years of reserve service. 

Military Recruiters Bend the Truth

However, just like salespeople, recruiters have been accused of bending the truth, presenting hypothetical scenarios, and even outright lying to secure enlistments.

In this eye-opening account, TikToker Itzel Hernandez shares her personal experience, shedding light on the questionable practices employed by military recruiters.

No Active Combat

Itzel recalls being assured by her recruiter that she would never be deployed into active combat and would only have to engage in field exercises once or twice a year. This seemingly enticing proposition influenced her decision to join. 

The reality turned out to be far from what she was told. Itzel reveals that she has been compelled to participate in monthly field routines, leaving her disillusioned and regretful of her choice. As she confesses in her viral TikTok video, accompanied by visuals of her training exercises, “This life is not for me” – a sentiment shared by many others.

Deployment to Iraq

To add insult to injury, Itzel discloses that she has recently learned about an upcoming deployment to Iraq. Speculation arises that this deployment could be a precursor to a long-term political initiative involving potential operations in Iran.

Itzel’s video resonated with TikTok users, sparking a range of responses. Some shared their positive experiences in the military, highlighting its benefits and personal growth opportunities. Others emphasized that military life is not suited for everyone and shared their own stories of being misled by recruiters. 


Criticism was also directed at Itzel, with some arguing that naivety played a role in believing that recruiters would be entirely transparent. Debates unfolded, illustrating the varied perspectives on military service and the challenges it entails.

Many TikTokers echoed the sentiment that recruiters will say almost anything to entice potential enlistees. These claims shed light on the tactics employed to meet recruitment targets, often at the expense of transparency and individual considerations.

Serious Consequences

It becomes evident that the misleading practices extend beyond Itzel’s experience, raising concerns about the overall credibility of recruiters and the impact on those who place their trust in them.

While some TikTokers admitted to having positive outcomes despite being deceived by recruiters, it serves as a stark reminder that military service is not without its consequences.

Do You Research

It is crucial for individuals considering enlistment to thoroughly research, ask probing questions, and ensure that critical aspects are explicitly included in their contract to avoid being misled or facing unexpected situations.

Itzel Hernandez’s TikTok video exposes the deceptive tactics employed by military recruiters, shedding light on the gap between promises and realities in the recruitment process.

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