Tiktoker Stops Passersby From Trespassing on His Lawn by Giving Them a Light Sprinkling

This guy’s method to stop people walking across his front garden has the internet divided. What do you think?

People Trespass on His Property Daily

Thomas Lyons, known as tgunz81 on TikTok, shared a video captured by his home security camera, revealing people trespassing on his property throughout the day.

In an effort to discourage this behavior, Lyons decided to install a sprinkler outside his house.

The response on social media has been mixed, with some labeling the solution as ‘mean,’ while others have hailed it as ‘absolutely genius.’

Absolutely Genius

The viral video has amassed over 51 million likes and 9.3 million likes. In the footage, captioned ‘#funny’, individuals can be seen casually walking across the expansive lawn, completely unaware of what awaits them.

Within moments, a sudden burst of water shoots out from the sprinkler, traversing from left to right.

As a result, many surprised and damp strangers hastily retreat back to the public footpath.

Mr. Lyons explains his reasoning behind the installation in the TikTok video, stating, ‘When people won’t stop cutting across your lawn, set up an automatic sprinkler.’

However, viewers on the social media platform remain divided on whether this method constitutes a harsh enough deterrent.

One supporter of the unexpected sprinkler commented, ‘My Mama raised me well, teaching me to respect others’ property. I salute you for your great idea.’

Another individual remarked, ‘I think this is absolutely genius!! Why on earth should ANYBODY think it appropriate to trespass on your land?!? Well done, sir.’

It’s Also Great for Dogs

A different user agreed, adding, ‘This is a great idea!! I was always taught that it’s rude to walk on someone’s lawn.’ A fourth person shared, ‘I have one of these for the neighbor’s dog that poops in my yard. The owner actually got mad at me for it.’

However, others expressed mixed feelings about the sprinkler’s effectiveness, considering it ‘mean,’ but still encouraging its usage by saying, ‘do it again.’

Meanwhile, some users completely rejected the method and suggested, ‘Or just put up a fence.’

One person dismissed the issue as ‘American first-world problems.’

Another proposed an alternate scenario, stating, ‘Imagine that one person who doesn’t care and keeps walking.’

What do you think? Genius or petty? Let us know in the comments!

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