He Warned His Friend That His Boss Was a Jerk and Not to Be Trusted, His Friend Came up With a Foolproof Plan That Continued to Pay Off!!

Today’s epic tale of revenge comes from Reddit. A man recounts how his greedy boss was taken down a peg by one of his friends, who also managed to get a big payout.

A Terrible Boss

A few years ago, this guy landed his first job out of college at a local TV station. 

As excited as he was about the opportunity to work in the media industry, little did he know he would cross paths with the worst human being he had ever met – the owner of the station. 

Despite the fact that the owner had money, he would resort to any means to cheat and lie, all to avoid paying his bills.

At that time, the owner had just signed a contract with DirectTV that he was going to add to their broadcast package. However, as a local TV station, they only had two months to upgrade their system so they could start broadcasting to DirectTV customers throughout the entire Bay Area. 

Failure to do so within the given deadline would result in a penalty for the owner as per the contract, and this penalty would increase every day past the deadline.

He Worked With His Friend

Being new to the industry, OP (the original poster) had little knowledge about the process involved, so the owner hired one of his friends to come in as a freelance consultant. 

The friend had quoted his boss $15k USD to get a system that would automate the entire process, but the owner didn’t want to pay that much. Instead, he tasked the friend with finding a cheaper solution (around half the cost) and paying for all the hardware upfront, promising to be reimbursed later.

Knowing how unscrupulous the owner was, OP warned his friend not to pay for the hardware upfront, as he wouldn’t get paid back. However, the friend shrugged it off and replied, “Watch me.”

The friend made it work, and they went live on schedule. The owner was happy with the result, but things took a turn when the friend presented him with the bill. The owner began making the usual excuses: “Oh, I’m a little short this month. Can I pay you later?” and so on.

He Kept an Ace up His Sleeve

The friend pulled out his trump card – not only did he threaten to take all the equipment back and take the station off the air, but he also revealed that in order to get the uplink working for cheap, someone had to come in every day and code the broadcast manually. 

Although the process wasn’t complicated and took less than five minutes, nobody else at the station knew how to do it except for OP’s friend. 

Therefore, the owner had two choices – either pay him what he owed him plus a $2,000/month consulting fee, or the station goes dark, and the owner starts paying the penalty to DirectTV!

To the owner’s dismay, he had no choice but to pay up. Because of his greed, he ended up paying more than double the initial amount. The friend happily lapped up his $2k/month fee for close to a year before he finally felt bad and taught someone else at the station how to do the procedure.

A Satisfying Result

OP couldn’t help but feel satisfied with the outcome. The owner’s greed led him to try to rip off his friend, but instead, he had to pay double the amount. It just goes to show that only thinking about short-term gain will always cost you more in the long run.

As OP reflected on the situation, he realized that his friend’s determination and savvy business skills saved the day. Despite the owner’s despicable actions, his friend refused to back down and was willing to take the risk to ensure that he received what he was due.

OP also admired his friend’s commitment to excellence. Even though he could have easily walked away after getting paid, he continued to come in every day and code the broadcast manually until he taught someone else how to do it. It was a testament to his work ethic and dedication to his craft.

Ultimately, the owner’s greediness and lack of ethics didn’t pay off – his friend’s resilience and dedication saved the day. 

His story goes to show that greed won’t get you far, and karma will eventually catch up with you. Treat the people you work with fairly, and you’ll be treated well in return. If only this guy’s boss had thought of that before trying to scam his friend out of thousands!

What Redditors Said

Redditors enjoyed this guy’s tale of revenge. One user said, “Shame your friend felt really bad and showed someone else how to do it…. Would have been better for him to keep it moving and donate the money to charity. Especially considering the laundry list of revolting actions the business owner committed over time.”

What do you think about this tale of revenge? Greed never pays, and the boss found this out the hard way.

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