Toxic Workplace: Worker Seeks Petty Revenge on His Abusive Boss…But Did He Go Far Enough?

In a Reddit Post, one man shared their tale of given being overworked to the extreme until enough was enough. Wait until you hear his story of how he got revenge. 

A Tyrant Boss

The Original Poster (OP) worked under a boss who showed no respect or kindness. The boss used to have OP work 13-hour shifts without any overtime payments and the boss used to say “You are paying the dues.”

OP mentions that despite having a master’s degree, he was essentially working like a dog in the construction industry.

A Toxic Workplace

Verbal abuse and objects being thrown at OP further exacerbated the toxic work environment.

OP had keyboards, mice, wires, and empty water bottles thrown at him and the top management justified their actions by telling OP that he needed to have a thick skin to survive and succeed in the construction industry.

In his two years at his employment, OP had shed many tears since it was so awful.

The Perks of the Job and the Opportunity for Revenge

OP says his partner does a ton of charity work and gets free concert and performance tickets.

His boss has requested OP to get two tickets for him and his wife on several occasions during the two years he has worked there.

The story began when OP’s boss instructed him to book comparable seats for a forthcoming performance before OP left his job.

OP took this chance for revenge and informed him that his partner could only get them for a different city venue, meaning he would have to travel.

His boss was comfortable with it because he loves classical music.

He Gave His Boss an Invalid Ticket

Having endured such mistreatment, OP forwarded his boss the ticket a few weeks later but slightly altered the QR code and the ticket number to render them useless.

OP noticed on his Instagram stories that his boss had traveled to the city on the weekend to enjoy the show.

That evening, OP received numerous calls from him because the tickets were showing up as invalid, but OP sat and watched TV while he let the phone ring.

OP took his revenge and shared his story on Reddit.

A Small Victory

Several Redditors share their thoughts on the situation while supporting OP.

Some Redditos pointed out that OP could take him to court for unpaid OT and abuse.

One Reddit user wrote, “This revenge, while nice, does not seem in any way proportional to the level of wickedness this boss has shown to OP. Oh well, it’s a small victory but that guy deserves so much more.”

An Abuse of Power

Another Redditor commented, “I can’t believe he was abusing his power to force you to give him your free tickets that your partner got as a reward for their dedicated volunteering for what sounds like extensive charity work.”

So what do you think? Do you think OP did the right thing by taking revenge?

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