Trans Activist Who Went Topless on the White House Lawn Gets Banned From Future Events

The Pride Month event at the White House has sparked controversy after Trans activist Rose Montoya and other activists went topless, capturing the moment in a viral video on social media. 

Topless on White House Lawn

Transgender TikTok influencer Rose Montoya, accompanied by another unnamed transgender activist, shared a video on social media showing themselves going topless on the South Lawn of the White House during the Pride Month event.

The White House swiftly condemned the action, stating that it was inappropriate and disrespectful for any event held at the presidential residence.

Montoya had also recorded her interaction with Biden himself in the video. The activist smiles next to the President and says, “It’s an honor, Mr. President. Trans rights are human rights.”


The video where Montoya goes topless with covered nipples quickly gained attention and generated widespread criticism. Many users expressed their disapproval and accused the influencer involved of disrespecting the White House.

In response to the video, a spokesperson for the White House issued a statement condemning the behavior and confirming that Montoya and others featured in the video are banned from future events.

The statement emphasized that the action was inappropriate and disrespectful, emphasizing that it did not reflect the purpose of the event, which was intended to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

Banned From Future Events

While the other individuals banned from future events were not named, it was confirmed that most of them were Trans activists.

Rose Montoya defended the topless display in a subsequent TikTok video, asserting that it was legal in Washington, D.C., and aligned with the movement to “free the nipple.”

Montoya stated that their intention was not to be vulgar or profane but rather to show solidarity with trans-masculine people displaying their top surgery scars.

Sparked Discussion

The incident has sparked a broader discussion about the boundaries of activism and the appropriate platforms for expressing one’s beliefs.

While some argue that any form of activism, including topless protests, serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness and challenge societal norms, others contend that certain settings, such as the White House, call for more respectful and conventional forms of activism.

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