Sexuality Professor Curbs Freedom of Speech by Failing a Student for Using “Biological Woman” as It Excluded Trans

The University of Cincinnati has found itself at the center of a heated debate after formally reprimanding gender studies professor Melanie Nipper for her handling of a student’s use of the term “biological woman” in an essay. 

Objection to the Term

The controversy began when Nipper, an adjunct professor of sexuality studies, took issue with student Olivia Krolczyk’s choice of words in her essay on the participation of transgender women in sports.

Nipper informed Krolczyk that the term “biological woman” was exclusionary and not permitted in the course, as it reinforced heteronormativity.

She requested that Krolczyk revise her topic to focus on women’s rights more broadly.

National Media Attention

Similar incidents have taken place in Nipper’s class before when students used “outdated terminology” in projects.

Nipper said she has never failed a student in the course for using “outdated terminology” but does award “a zero for an assignment.”

Krolczyk, feeling that her academic freedom was being stifled, took to TikTok to express her frustration with the incident.

Her video quickly went viral, garnering over a million views and attracting national media attention.

A Feminist Perspective

In response to the situation, the University of Cincinnati reprimanded Nipper, ordering her to complete training on free speech and submit her syllabi for the upcoming academic year to her department head.

A formal letter was placed in her permanent records, and she was reminded that any future policy violations could lead to further disciplinary actions, including termination.

Nipper defended her actions, explaining that her intention was to create a safe learning environment and teach introductory Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) theory from an intersectional, fourth-wave, and transnational feminist perspective.

Restricting Free Speech

She believed that the student’s chosen topic unfairly targeted Trans women as a source of oppression for cisgender women in sports.

Nipper argued that educating Krolczyk about inclusive language was necessary to foster a safe environment for all students in the course.

She views statements she deems transphobic or racist as perpetuating such harm.

However, critics argue that Nipper’s approach may have crossed the line by restricting free speech.

Forced Beliefs

They contend that the university’s reprimand raises concerns about the suppression of diverse opinions and intellectual exploration within the academic setting.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Because she feels that natural science is transphobic?”

Another Twitter user commented, “After reading the article several times, I would have to side with the student. I’m not sure I understand the professor’s reasoning. But the right is just as guilty as the left regarding the idea of forced beliefs.”

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