Transgender Minors Get Puberty Blockers as Judge Goes Against the Ban

Judge blocks the decision to ban puberty blocking medication so minors can continue treatment. 

Unprecedented Decision By Judge to Blocks Trans Ban

In a groundbreaking move, a Florida federal judge has paused parts of a fresh state law forbidding transgender minors from accessing puberty blockers. 

The judge argued on Tuesday that there’s no logical reason for the state to withhold such treatment from its patients.

Judge Robert Hinkle issued a temporary restraining order that lets three transgender minors keep receiving their treatments. 

This legal action challenges a law endorsed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis right before his presidential campaign announcement.

Judge Acknowledges Reality of Gender Identity

“The elephant in the room needs addressing from the start. Gender identity is a fact. The evidence backs this up,” emphasized Hinkle. 

He pointed out that even the state’s own witness agreed.

Access to medical treatments for transgender minors is under growing threat across multiple states, facing restrictions or complete bans.

Despite this, such treatment has been accessible in the U.S. for over ten years, and major medical bodies fully endorse it.

Judge Hinkle’s Focus: The Three Minors

Hinkle’s decision is tightly honed in on the three minors involved in the lawsuit, children of the parents who lodged the case.

Much of the scrutiny surrounding this law centers on the language concerning minors.

Hinkle’s decision specifically considers the use of GnRH agonists (puberty blockers) and cross-sex hormones.

Other parts of the law that make it tough for adults to access or continue gender-affirming care were not addressed in the lawsuit.

Misunderstanding Gender Identity Leads to Bias

Hinkle pointed out that those who falsely view gender identity as a choice typically “disapprove of everything transgender-related, including medical treatments that affirm a person’s transgender reality.”

The judge stressed that the ban on treatment for minors overlooks the potential risks these individuals might face.

Studies indicate that transgender youth and adults are susceptible to stress, depression, and suicidal thoughts. The effect of hormonal treatment or surgery on these issues shows mixed results.

Importance of Expressing True Gender

Experts concur that allowing children to express their gender in a way consistent with their identity is beneficial.

This could mean letting a child assigned male at birth dress or style their hair in a way typically associated with girls, if that’s their preference.

“Non-use of these treatments comes with its own risks, including high chances of anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.

The contested law overlooks the benefits these treatments can offer patients and the significant risk that comes with avoiding them,” Hinkle explained.

Selective Use of Hormone Treatments Questioned

Hinkle also pointed out that hormone treatments and puberty blockers are often used to treat non-transgender children with different conditions, so the law approves their use for some, but not for others.

The judge stated that the three minors involved in the lawsuit will face “irreparable harm” if they are unable to start using puberty blockers.

“These treatments will only affect the patients themselves and will cause no harm to the defendants,” Hinkle stated. The governor’s office has yet to comment on the matter.

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