Transphobic Accused Them of Being a “Naked Man” Despite Being Born FEMALE – Just Can’t Put Your Finger on What’s ‘Missing’ From This Story?

In a recent Reddit post, a user found themselves dealing with transphobia from Karen. Here’s the full story.

Problems in the Restroom

The original poster (OP) is a 32-year-old nonbinary individual who was assigned female at birth.

The story began when OP arrived early for their therapy session, and they decided to use the women’s bathroom since the building only had options for men’s and women’s facilities.

They noticed a woman exiting the bathroom but didn’t think much of it.

OP quickly entered the stall, completed their business, washed their hands, and returned to the lobby.

A Heated Conversation

To their surprise, the woman they had seen earlier was now engaged in a heated conversation with the receptionist.

Karen pointed directly at OP, accusing them of being a “naked man” in the women’s bathroom.

The receptionist, familiar with OP, was understandably perplexed and responded, “That’s not a man…”

However, Karen’s transphobic outburst continued as she shouted, “I know he’s a man! I don’t care about pronouns!”

Claims of Nudity

The receptionist, concerned about the situation, asked OP to step outside for a private conversation.

Once outside, the receptionist asked if OP had been naked in the bathroom, explaining that Karen had claimed to witness a naked man and believed it to be them.

OP promptly reassured the receptionist that they were fully clothed and had simply used the stall, washed their hands, and exited.

The receptionist, trusting their account, expressed her belief in OP’s innocence, stating, “I believe you. I don’t think you would do that.”

A Calm Response

Returning to the lobby, the receptionist attempted to reason with Karen, suggesting that she might have mistaken OP for someone else.

However, Karen persisted in her conviction, exclaiming, “I know I saw him and he was naked! This is what happens when you let men in women’s bathrooms!”

OP calmly intervened, explaining, “I’m not a man, nor do I even have a penis, not that it would matter if I did.”

Despite their efforts, Karen dismissed OP’s explanation and shouted, “I don’t care if you cut it off! You’re still a man!”

A Futile Situation

Frustrated by Karen’s refusal to listen, OP recognized the futility of further explanation.

It appeared that Karen had mistaken them for a Trans woman, but the assumption was irrelevant.

The encounter became increasingly hostile as Karen launched into a tirade, using terms like “liberals” and “snowflakes” while storming outside.

After the incident, OP proceeded with their therapy appointment, reflecting on the encounter.

Sharing the Story

They acknowledged that being mistaken for a Trans woman indicated that they presented an androgynous appearance, which they didn’t find offensive.

However, they were appalled by Karen’s fabrication of a story about someone being naked in the bathroom merely to avoid sharing the space with a Trans woman.

OP shared the story in the /Entitled People subreddit as a personal write-in.

Calm Down Karen

Several Redditors sided with OP and shared their views.

One Reddit user wrote, “Not that I’m excusing such outrageous behavior, but at least Karen is in a mental health clinic. I hope she gets the tools she needs to calm down.”

Another Redditor commented, “I would like to think because she was in a therapist waiting room, that she’s off her meds. Unfortunately, I’m guessing this was par for the course. So gross and demeaning. I’m sorry this happened.”

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