Trump Charged With 37 Felonies, Including Revealing ‘Highly Confidential’ Secrets to Staff and Revealing Classified Military Document to His Political Action Committee

An indictment revealing a long list of federal charges against ex-President Donald Trump was unsealed. 

This document, which came to light on Friday, contained serious accusations. It painted a picture of the alleged mishandling of classified documents. 

The former President, along with his aide Walt Nauta, was charged with 37 counts of felony. 

The legal paperwork starts a deep dive into over a hundred classified documents found at Trump’s Florida resort the previous year.

Trump Accused of Breaking Laws

The charges were as numerous as they were diverse. The indictment accused Trump of violating seven laws, including 31 counts of willful retention of national defense information. 

Other single counts ranged from making false statements, conspiring to obstruct justice, withholding documents, and scheming to conceal. The charges seemed extensive, revealing an intricate web of accusations related to national defense information.

The indictment also highlighted what information Trump had taken with him post-presidency. 

It contained significant details related to the defense capabilities of the U.S. and foreign countries. 

It also mentioned data about U.S. nuclear programs and the country’s and its allies’ potential vulnerabilities to military attack. The documents also contained contingency plans for retaliation to a possible foreign attack. It was a goldmine of classified information.

Classified Documents

The indictment also sheds light on the origins of these classified documents. The papers came from all the U.S. government’s top national security and law enforcement agencies, including the CIA, the Department of Defense, and the NSA.

The diverse breadth of the documents from various sources suggests that Trump mishandled records spanning a broad spectrum of national security concerns.

There were also alarming allegations about Trump’s handling of these classified documents. On two separate occasions in 2021, Trump was accused of showing these documents to unauthorized individuals. 

One instance involved him showing a ‘highly confidential’ attack plan to a writer, a publisher, and two staff members. 

The other instance included him displaying a classified map related to a military operation to two political action committee members. All these incidents occurred at Trump’s New Jersey golf club, indicating that the documents had been transported from Florida.

The indictment further alleges that the classified documents were stored carelessly. They had allegedly been left on the stage of the Mar-a-Lago ballroom for two months.

Some documents were even reported to have been stored in a bathroom and a shower. In December 2021, Walt Nauta supposedly stumbled upon several fallen boxes in a storage room with their ‘secret’ contents spilled on the floor. 

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