Trump Points Fingers at Joe and Hunter Biden Regarding Alleged Cocaine Found in White House

Former President Donald Trump is once again making headlines with his recent claims regarding the presence of cocaine in the White House. Here’s the full story.

Pointing Fingers

Taking to his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump pointed fingers at undisclosed individuals whom he believes brought the illicit substance into the presidential residence in early July.

Trump’s bold statements have ignited controversy and speculation, raising questions about the motivations behind these allegations.

On Truth Social, Trump declared, “THEY 100% KNOW WHO IT IS,” insinuating that there is insider knowledge of the people involved.

A Cover-Up

Trump further suggested that if this information is not released, it would indicate a cover-up, with tapes potentially destroyed to protect individuals implicated.

He went on to claim that the cocaine was intended for his political opponent, President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, as well as potentially for Joe Biden himself, insinuating a nefarious motive to boost the energy of the current president.

Trump did not stop at implicating Biden’s son but also questioned Joe Biden’s state of mind during the FBI raid on his Florida home in August 2022.

Possibility of Drug Influence

He raised the possibility that Biden was under the influence of drugs, including cocaine when he instructed the FBI and Department of Justice to conduct the raid, which led to the discovery of classified documents.

Trump’s accusations extended to questioning the legality of the raid and its violation of his constitutional rights.

Trump was later indicted and arrested for retaining classified materials.

Blame Placed on Biden and His Son

The former president’s claims about the presence of cocaine in the White House have become a recurring theme, with previous instances of similar allegations.

Trump has previously linked Hunter Biden’s well-documented history of drug addiction to the discovery of white substances in the White House.

In a tweet from July 5, Trump rhetorically questioned if anyone believed that the cocaine found near the Oval Office was intended for anyone other than Hunter and Joe Biden.

Suggestion Media Will Explain It Away

He also predicted that the media would downplay the findings, dismissing them as a small amount or suggesting alternative explanations such as ground-up aspirin.

White House spokesperson stated that the president and first family were not at the residence during the incident, and an investigation is currently underway to determine the origin and nature of the substance.

Anthony Guglielmi, Secret Service chief of communications, emphasized in a recent statement that the item has been sent for further evaluation.

Disaster Zone

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Well, Donald has always been rather stupid, but he’s reaching new lows to deflect attention from his crimes lately.”

Another user commented, “Trump is not blaming Biden, sleepy Joe is a complete disaster.”

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