White Privilege Quiz Included in a University Course Receives Mixed Reactions

The University of Kent in the United Kingdom is providing students with the opportunity to enroll in a four-hour course called “Expect Respect,” which addresses important subjects such as white privilege, pronoun usage, and microaggressions. 

Understanding Issues of Racism

The course aims to promote awareness and understanding of issues related to racism, bias, sexual harassment, and consent, while fostering a safe and supportive campus environment.

White Privilege Quiz

As part of the course, students are presented with a white privilege quiz that offers a list of 13 examples illustrating how white individuals may benefit from their racial identity. 

The quiz prompts students to consider instances where white people can engage in certain behaviors or enjoy certain privileges without facing negative attributions or harassment. It highlights the disparities in how actions and choices are perceived based on racial backgrounds.

Mixed Reactions

The course has received mixed reactions from academic staff members at the university, with some expressing concerns about its potential limitations on intellectual exploration and labeling it as “philistine.” However, the intention behind the course is to encourage a broader understanding of literature, inclusive of diverse perspectives and voices, rather than solely relying on works by old white authors.

Commitment to Inclusivity

In response to the criticism, the University of Kent clarified that participation in the “Expect Respect” course is voluntary, emphasizing that students will not face any consequences for choosing not to enroll. 

The university reaffirms its commitment to inclusivity and creating a welcoming environment for all students and staff members. The course is part of a broader initiative to promote awareness and encourage actions that foster a sense of safety and support within the campus community.

A Platform for Social Issues

By offering this course, the University of Kent aims to equip students with knowledge and understanding to navigate complex social issues, challenge biases, and promote respect for all individuals.

It serves as a platform for critical thinking, dialogue, and personal growth, enabling students to contribute positively to a more inclusive and equitable society both within and beyond the university setting.

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