His Boss Owed Him Overtime Back Pay But Find Out Why He Waited So Long to Take The Boss to Court

The Original Poster (OP) disclosed his exciting story about revenge to Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” subthread after his old employer tried to rob him of his overtime pay. 

In the early 2000s, OP embarked on a journey with a start-up company, eager to dive into challenging and exciting work.

 Though the salary offered was mediocre, and it was agreed that overtime wasn’t paid to employees, OP saw this as an opportunity to hone skills that would benefit him in the future.

However, as the company grew and attracted more clients, discussions arose about back pay and overtime compensation. 

An agreement was reached and even documented, leaving OP feeling secure. 

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At that point, he has accrued nearly $50K in overtime.

But the discussions dragged on as time passed, and OP’s patience grew thin. 

The breaking point came when the boss offered OP equity instead of the back pay and overtime he had earned. 

He couldn’t believe the company earning $2 million annually could be so stingy! 

Outraged and feeling betrayed, OP resigned and requested his due compensation in writing. 

The boss rejected the request, but OP was determined to fight for the $50K rightfully his.

With the help of an attorney, OP learned of the 7-year statute of limitations on back-pay cases and calculated the daily compound interest due. 

He sent one final demand for payment, but nothing came of it. Years passed, and the company flourished, but OP always remembered his back-pay and overtime.

Finally, with the help of an attorney seven years later, OP brought the case to court, armed with evidence and documentation. 

The judge ruled in OP’s favor, ordering the company to pay the owed amount plus interest and legal fees, which now totaled $135K. 

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The CEO was not pleased, launching a verbally abusive tirade via voicemail that was recorded and added to the case file.

The CEO’s furious reaction was in vain, as the judge ruled against him, and the company was forced to pay up.

To add insult to injury, the CEO got drunk, crashed his car, and was charged with a DUI conviction on the very same day. The icing on the cake of a glorious victory for OP.

One Redditor said, “Delaying the case until the interest and fines racked up is the very definition of a pro move.”

Another said the CEO got greedy and lost sight of what was important. They wrote, “Is it just petty greediness? Even then, wouldn’t it be in your selfish interest to let him be satisfied with the work to bring in more cash flow?”

One user argued, “So what about the part where you agreed to no overtime and then later came back to try to claim overtime pay?”

Was this revenge justified? If you agreed to no overtime pay are you entitled to it years later? Who was really being greedy here?

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