Was He Right For Walking Out The Restaurant And Leaving His Girlfriend At The Table?

A recent “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subthread on Reddit saw someone ask whether he was wrong to walk out on his girlfriend while having dinner.

The Original Poster (OP) explained that while he and his girlfriend were sitting at the table, she received a text from her best friend. 

Her friend had just given birth by C-section, and as a nurse, the girlfriend told the boyfriend that the surgeon would have made an incision and that the friend would be left with a scar. 

OP replied, as a joke, that “at least she’ll still be tight down there.” 

He explained that his girlfriend “looked confused and then said that was a weird comment to make about her friend.”

OP added “I then said it is a very normal joke to make and she disagreed. TLDR there was some back and forth, I asked her to drop it and she kept trying to talk about it.”

The back and forth continued until frustrated, OP got up and walked out of the restaurant, and drove home. 

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The girlfriend tried to call him several times, which he ignored and then switched off his phone.

OP said that after 30 minutes, his girlfriend arrived home by Uber (having waited for it in the cold) at their apartment, and she was furious and called OP an a**hole.

OP concluded by asking, “Am I the a**hole for walking out on her and leaving her there for being frustrated?”

The Reddit Community Responds

CrystalQueen3000 gave the top voted response with a huge 92,000 upvotes. They said OP was You’re The A**hole (YTA) for, “the completely unnecessary sexist comment about her friends vagina and for your lack of understanding about basic biology.”

The Redditor continued, “Bonus AH points calling your girlfriend insecure, having a toddler tantrum and storming off.”

Interesting_Order_82 agreed, the said, “Right? Like where and what have these ‘men’ been taught about a woman’s genitals? He probably thinks pee comes out of the vagina too.”

Baby Tantrum

Interesting_Order_82 also gave a popular contribution with over 29,000 upvotes. They said, “YTA. A huge misogynistic gross one at that.”

They continue, “With a predilection to baby tantrums. I hope your GF dumps you. You made a s****y comment. Got called out on it. Then decided you didn’t want to face up to your weird comment and left. ”

Etds3 added, “In no world is that a normal ‘joke’ OP. 1 – it’s really weird to comment on the vagina of a woman you aren’t sleeping with. 2 – FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, A WOMAN’S BODY IS NOT JUST FOR MEN’S SEXUAL PLEASURE!”

Top_Manufacturer8946‘s response got over 24,000 upvotes. They said, “YTA for the joke, YTA for thinking it’s a normal thing to say, YTA for calling your gf insecure, YTA for getting frustrated and storming off, YTA for leaving your gf without a ride, YTA for turning your phone off and YTA for posting here and making me read your bull****.”

Redditors came out in force against OP. There was a clear feeling that he was an a**hole. But what do you think, did his girlfriend overreact to his joke. It may not have been a great joke but was he right to leave the restaurant?

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