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3 5G Penny Stocks for Your Watchlist

Whether you believe 5G will be the source of a new technological revolution or a global meltdown, its relevancy means it stands a good chance of making you a decent return.

I’ve already given my thoughts on the best 5G stocks and how you can use swing trading to profit from them.

But most of the companies I highlighted are multinationals with huge market caps (meaning they have a high number and value of shares in circulation).

Since this is such a new industry, you might also be interested in smaller companies that stand to gain a lot from the upcoming 5G boom.

The Best Small Cap 5G Stocks

Generally, for a company to be considered a “small-cap” stock, it should have a market cap of between $300 million and $2 billion.

Casa Systems (CASA)

Approximate market cap: $334 million

As far as smaller companies go, Casa Systems is definitely at the lower end. Founded in 2003, Casa is a telecommunications equipment company that specializes in modems for networks.

Axcelis Technologies (ACLS)

Approximate market cap: $757 million

Axcelis Technologies is an American manufacturer of materials for the semiconductor industry — an important player in the 5G market.

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