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10 of the Best Christmas Market to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit Story

Christmas markets fill Europe's cities during the holiday season and offer many different activities.

A Christmas market, also known as an advent market, is a street market that celebrates Christmas during the four weeks of advent.

Originating in German-speaking countries, they have now spread to many other places and are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Let's take a look at some of Europe's most popular Christmas markets here.

Christmas Market History

Christmas markets originated in Saxony, Germany, in the Late Middle Ages. They were held to celebrate the Advent season and offered various activities such as Christmas tree sales, nativity scenes, as well as food and drink.

In German, Christkindlmarkt means "Christ Child Market," in reference to the Christkind. The Christkind is a sprite-like child figure that has been a traditional gift-bringer in Germany and other German-speaking countries since the Reformation.

Today, Christmas markets have become a winter wonderland, offering a festive atmosphere and a variety of Christmas-related goods. As a result, they are a popular destination in December for tourists and locals alike.

Market Traditions

Christmas shopping takes on a new meaning under the twinkling lights. Each market has unique traditions, but some common themes include Christmas trees, nativity scenes, and Santa Claus.

Where to Find the Best Christmas Markets

1. Frankfurt's Christmas Market

The Frankfurt Christmas market is one of the most popular in Europe and one of the oldest. Located in the scenic old town center, it has been running since 1393.

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